The Doctor

Hello everyone, I'm going up to my local doctors surgery in 30 minutes, seeing if I am allowed to drive again? (after almost 6 weeks) I wonder what tests I'll undergo? If I don't get permission to drive, I won't be able to work. I'll keep you all informed what happens, wish me luck!


smileyGood Luck.

Thank you, I passed  by the way. I'll post my story soon.


Good luck hope it goes well  I had a stroke 9 months ago and despite my consultant giving me the ok to drive I'm still waiting on DVLA  

Congratulations! That's a fantastic achievement it will give you a lot more independence and boost your confidence.  


Go to the DVLA website.There is a department called the Drivers Medical Group.They will be able to advise you on whether you have to re-apply for your driving licence.The starting point is usually a request for a letter from your hospital consultant giving an opinion on your ability to resume driving.

Hope it went well  yes​​​​​

Hello Geoff, your absolutely right, I passed all of the tests my doctor gave me, only to be told I'd have to get confirmation  from a consultant at the stroke unit up at the hospital. Apparently they are the ones to make the final decision. Looks like a long wait ahead! Why did I waste my time up at the doctors?Just another hurdle!


Hello TracyR, 

All went extremely well. I passed all of the tests my doctor gave me, only to be told I'd have to see the consultant in the Stroke unit up at the hospital, to confirm my fitness. Which has really left me wondering what was the point in going to the doctor? Just another hurdle!


Hello JeffLa,

Yes it did up to a point.

All the tests the doctor gave me, I managed to pass, I was quite pleased, until it was mentioned that to get the all clear, I'd have to see the consultant in the stroke unit, up at the hospital! Talk about another hurdle!


I found the number for the Drivers Medical Group 0300 790 6806.

Best rgds

Hiya I find no matter how well and able we feel there are many hurdles to cross so disheartening gets you down even more but we are strong to survive so when a hurdle appears run fast and jump high right over it ! Good luck