The best advice I had

I post one last poem which summarises my final acceptance of my stroke. Obviously, I still have down days, but on those days I remember these words

I am still here


Tuesday afternoon

My consultant said to me,

'Please remember this


Although you are not

Yet the person that you were,

Remember to be


The person you are.

These thoughts came into my mind

 Walking the frozen earth


Of the cricket ground.

 I stand, I walk, I feel cold

 From the frosty air.


I am not alone,

Cold and hungry, without friends,

Without any human hope.


Instead, I walk on,

Leaving my footprints behind

On the frozen grass.


I am still present

In this sunny Autumn day,

Free to think these things.


I think it is taking me a while to accept my stroke which happened in March this year. I need to accept it. Great poem. Kind regards Claire

Hi Claire - acceptance is not an easy thing at all, it's like a denial of a former life.  It doesn't happen overnight, and I think it is always a work in progress.  Ultimately, acceptance doesn't mean resignation!!  More of a turning point, and opportunity to do things differently.  You sound strong and positive and this will help you, even when you have tough days.  I hope you have friends & family to support you - you will always find support, suggestions and kindness from people on this site.  

Take good care xx

i feel the same way Claire, i am new to the site and trying to work my way around it, i had my stroke in June this year so early stages for me.

Hi thank you for your kind words. Yes acceptance is hard. I know I am alive which is good. My sister and mum do help but I feel so down at the moment. I suffer with depression anyway. I don't really know why it happened! Best wishes Claire Xx

Fantastic words thought a year to my eyes do perfect so true, we all need to read them , thank you