Thank you

Hi everyone,

It’s been a while and I hope you are well and staying warm.

As we come to the end of the year I would like to thank all the people who listened to me and advised me on this platform.

I truly appreciate your support and honesty when it came to discussing post stroke issues and surviving the pandemic post stroke.

A special thank to all those to replied to my messages who I had tremors from coming off anxiety meds, following bad advice from my GP.

I went to see my doctor today with my partner and let him explain exactly what happened to me when I wasn’t properly tapered off my meds. Thankfully the doctor came up with a suitable tapering plan and advised what to do if the tremors return.

On that note wishing everyone happy holidays and a wonderful new year.


And to you @joy.alliy, we may appear like a disparate assortment of damaged brains, but collectively we are a super-brain :grinning:


@joy.alliy good to hear you’ve got some better advice from your dr now. Thank you for being part of the forum too.

Hope you have a good festive season & best wishes for the new year.

Ann xx

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