Thank you

I've just been reading a discussion between Colin & John - it was very beneficial, just like listening to two friends chatting and sharing common experiences.  It's a very interesting insight into the long-term effects of stroke; similarities/differences, surprising things that happen when you least expect them, developing alternative ways to carry out tasks we all take for granted.  The tenacity needed to be a successful SS cannot be under-estimated, as there are frequent set-backs, and the ever present fatigue is a constant challenge.

They have very generously shared their experiences and anecdotes with humour and an emphasis on staying positive.  We can all read the Stroke leaflets, but nothing beats the voice of real experience.  

So a big Thank You, to all the regular contributors who have given me support and hope with their advice and reassurance - you have been there when I've needed a boost and I very much appreciate it ![smiley|23x23](upload://641vKFSSPapIadavqg4sCihxmaQ.png "smiley")

well sentiments as well x

Thank you NicaBella. I think we are both honest old chaps. Stroke is like being hit by a steamroller, but at high speed. When my stroke hit I just fell over....fortunately in a hotel corridor. All my mind knew was that I was on the floor and was going to my room. I tried to crawl but couldn’t move. I had fallen next to a door and managed to knock it. Thank God There was someone in. I could speak so told her to knock on the bedroom door because my partner was there. He came running and was clearly frantic. I can’t remember anything then until being admitted to Deriford Hospital, Plymouth. I suspect the mind shuts down as a means of helping the body. Apparently, I had been rushed to A & E in Exeter on blues and twos and given a body scan. I have no memory of that.

Colin has mentioned his hallucinations early on. I had none, but did have a vivid technicolour dream of being brought up with   HM Victoria’s children. Where on earth did that come from? During this hot summer and even now I have all sorts of weird and wonderful dreams, mostly to do with education. Am still striving to improve further, but am satisfied with where I am.