Thank you to everyone on this forum


I had a" very mild" hemorrhagic stroke mid July. The weeks that followed it were some of the most difficult I’ve ever experienced. The shock,the uncertainty,the worry,the fears,the sense of my world being turned upside down were absolutely overwhelming. I posted on here and immediately got so many reassuring and kind messages,I felt better and less alarmed.
I’ve had the results of my scans back now and everything seems normal. Phew. I wonder if my stroke was caused by having covid at the time but no one seems sure.
As a result of this forum,and time to process,I feel so much better now. My lopsided mouth has nearly recovered and you wouldn’t know by looking at me that I had a stroke less than 2 months ago. I feel very lucky in this respect as so many of you have suffered so much more than me with a stroke.
I probably won’t be a regular on the forum but I do want to sincerely thank all of you who helped me feel so much better in that dark time when everything felt so uncertain.
The connection with people who understand is a great gift.
Thank you all who helped me at such a difficult time,


That ok I do hope you read and post from time to time with kind regards des


@Sarah59 glad your tests were all ok & that you’re making a good recovery.

It’d be great to hear from you from time to time if you wish to dip in & out.

Best of luck moving forward.

Ann xx

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