Thank you for accepting me

I am my husband’s carer. He is 86 and throughout our 48 years of marriage has never had health problems. Always very fit and active.

In the past 2 years we have been to A&E 3 times from falls, blackouts and heart attack, with hours spent in corridors. He has spent weeks in hospital and caught covid there. Diagnosed with osteoporosis, mini heart attack…AF, hiatus hernia, diverticulitis, SIADH and following an MRI in November, told last Friday he has suffered silent mini strokes over time and a larger one more recently, which has left a clot at the base of his skull, affecting his mobility.

Apparently this happened while he was in hospital last year, but no one said anything, despite me questioning his mobility. No help was ever offered.
I personally referred him to physio via our gp surgery 9 months ago which prompted investigations for Parkinson’s (all clear) and subsequently having this MRI.
So, we would never have known! Which is really upsetting
Now we find that the meds for AF conflict with those for strokes and there is discussion between the 2 consultants to decide.

Sorry, such a long post! I’m struggling getting my head straight! Hence joining here. I try to understand everything so I can do my best in caring for him.

Hubby is fine and not accepting he has had strokes. He is strong and determined and has made amazing recovery against the odds. He is walking so much better now and I am really very proud of him.


You are very welcome here. It is somewhere none of us expected to have to come, but we all have the same challenges. Please come back if you have any questions or if you want to rant at the universe - I sometimes feel like going out into the garden and screaming. There is a wealth of information on here - use the search button top right.


Thank you janetb, it seems like a very nice group


@Seventyseven Hi & welcome to the forum. Your husband does seem to have been through it. Some people do seem to suffer strokes they don’t know about until they are found during investigations for other things.

It sounds like he is a very determined 86 year old which is great and will no doubt have helped him in getting mobile again.

Sounds like you make a hood team. Make sure you look after yourself amongst caring for your husband.

Best wishes to you both


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Thank you Ann, I appreciate your reply


Hi and welcome tot the group. Its great for support!

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