Thalamic Ischemic Attack

A number of years ago I suffered from numbness down the left side of my face. Had all the tests and was discharged as nothing was found. A short time later I got "horizontal" double vision, more tests in a different hospital and the specialist said I had a second thalamic ischemic attack in the same location, the original thalamic ischemic attack had got bigger!

My only symptoms are; weakness down my left side and processing speed difference between my left and right audio and visual systems. I have also found I have cognitive impairments, I can't concentrate or hold information. Which is frustrating as I am trying to retrain as a Psychotherapist.

These impairments have resulted in me on only doing anything when absolutely essential. I feel, because, my thoughts are all jumbled up and it's impossible to focus my attention. I've been blaming it on depression, which I'm sure is partly because of where I had my stroke, but I'm starting to wonder if it could be more about where I had my stroke!

Oh! And tinnitus all the time, though that could be as a result of an Illgotten youth! Motorhead anyone?

Hi Merseybear. I find it appalling that one hospital can't find anything, yet another can come up with answers. It must be very frustrating that this is interferring with your studies too.  

Regarding the tinnitus, I wonder if you take aspirin? Aspirin is well known for causing tinnitus.  I used to get it sometimes prior to stroke but it has got significantly worse since taking aspirin. Better than a blood clot though! I also get loud bangs in my ears too which wakes me up in the middle of the night. I liken it to someone slamming a door or an road accident outside. GP says this is pressure in the ear which builds up and then releases in one go suddenly and is very common in stroke patients.

You can get a hearing aid that plays white noise which is meant to drown out the tinnitus and eventually gets rid of the tinnitus. My husband has suffered with it for years (never had a stroke). He tried the white noise aids but they weren't any good for him.  Some people on here have suffered with cognitive problems so they be able to suggest things for you.

Hello Merseybear, I can sympathise with the tinnitus and agree with onwardsandupwards that if you take aspirin it can give you tinnitus. I have had tinnitus since I had the stroke in Feb 2018 (I had a lacunar infarct) but only in one ear. I also take aspirin as I couldn't tolerate Clopidogrel. I'm therefore not clear whether it is due to the stroke or the aspirin, I have a hearing aid fitted by the NHS which plays white noise which does help to cover up the tinnitus to some extent which might help you, it's worth a try anyway.

As far as the cognitive issues I've had a few problems with short term memory loss but that is much improved with time and in my case some medication (I take Mirtazapine 15mgs at night). I have had periods of being very emotional but that seems to be more settled as well. I also take a multi vitamin / mineral  which contains a few of the B vitamins. I've been taking them for about 6 - 7 months after reading about them and have noticed my memory and thinking is more like it was before the stroke. My short term memory can still trip me up mind but its happening less often. My thought processing  seem much clearer than it was and I'm so glad about that.

It might be worth getting referred to ENT to have a hearing test and tinnitus assessment. Hope this helps.




Hi there, thank you for your kind words and suggestions.

I do indeed take blood thinners, Edoxaban, something a bit stronger than aspirin as I have had several other clotting episodes including DVT and a pulmonary embolism. Didn't know they could be contributing to the tinnitus, kind of got used to it now, it helps me recognise when I have high blood pressure. Yes, that too, lol

Hi there, thank you for your kind words and suggestions.

I hadn't thought about taking vitamins for my memory function, even though I am aware of the research. Silly me! I'll head to ZipVit and order some.

I am taking Fluoxetine (Prozac) because of dizzy spells, I thought! Caught sight of my medical records to find they have been prescribed for anxiety! I let it ride because they do the job.