Text to Speech apps

Hi, I am spending a lot of time with a friend who has suffered a stroke recently and communication is a problem at times.Its not the day to day stuff its the more complex stuff, especially on Facetime with family overseas. 

So I thought a text to speech app would be useful for him. i.e. He types and the app reads it out.

I found one but it is £180, just wondering if there is a free one or a good one anyone has come across.

Any ideas please do let me know.



iPad Solutions

If you don’t have an iPad, look at the Refurbished iPads at Apple.com retail website. Fully refurbed, new battery, and 12 months warranty just like new. You don’t need a massive memory - the base configuration is fine.

Android solutions exist for some of them. Type AAC in the search bar of the Android Store.

Speech Assistant AAC by Ton Schalke


My top recommendation, but no pictures. Eminently customisable word categories and phrases. Also available for Android.




No pictures, but room for customisation.

Grid Player by Sensory Software International



(I use the two-fingered swipe down to speak the contents on the box. General-Accessibility-Speech-Speak Screen)

Grid for iPad- AAC by Smartbox Assistive Technology


£9.99 a month



 Claro ScanPen advances reading aloud support. It gives access to printed text materials and documents for all, in a wide range of languages. Using your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or Android device, simply:

  1. Take a photo of the text or select a photo of the text document from your camera roll.
  2. Highlight with your finger or stylus which section of text you want to hear spoken to you.
  3. Listen as Claro ScanPen instantly reads the text back to you using a human quality voice in a language of your choice.

With your finger (or stylus) you can highlight all of the text, word by word or line by line. Tap anywhere to stop the speech. Claro ScanPen can also be used with the built in iOS VoiceOver accessibility feature, allowing low vision and blind users to access text.

£9.99, Professional version£9.99 per year


HI Nick -Try contacting AbilityNet.  They can offer free support regarding technology to stroke survivors and people with disabilities.  Email enquiries@abilitynet.org.uk or phone 0800 269 545.

Hope this helps!