Testing Online Support for Behaviour and Problem-Solving After Stroke

We are looking for stroke survivors to test different two week digital courses to make it easier to set and achieve goals after stroke.

This will involve taking part in one type of course over two weeks, receiving a weekly link with a 30min video and homework task. You will receive a £5 Amazon voucher as thanks.

What is the study about?

Many people experience difficulties with organising behaviour and problem-solving (known as executive functioning) after stroke. This can have consequences for wellbeing and independence.

We want to test two potential two-week digital treatments to help people who have had a stroke improve organisational and problem-solving skills, to make it easier to set and achieve goals.

What will it Involve?

After a screening call to check availability you be allocated to one of two different types of online intervention.

Both will last two weeks and involve receiving a weekly link with a 30min video and homework task. You will be asked to complete a survey of outcome measures at the start, end and one month after taking part.

After the study you will be able to request the materials for the other intervention and receive a £5 Amazon voucher.

Who can take part?

This is open to adult stroke survivors (over 18 years) able to provide informed consent and participate using a computer/tablet, the internet, and an email address.

We are not able to offer this to people:

not registered with a GP or happy to provide details

with mental or physical health difficulties (including depression) that are significantly impacting your life at the moment

that are currently involved in another research trial

with visual, auditory or motor difficulties that would severely impact your ability to attend online meetings, read information as part of the trial or complete online questionnaires

How Can I Register my Interest?

Please email Crina Georgiana Ene, University of East Anglia (c.ene@uea.ac.uk)