Testing an online tool to assess sleep after stroke

Research participation requests are sent to the Stroke Association from external research institutions (e.g. universities and hospitals).

We conduct checks on these before promoting but are not involved in their running. This means we cannot comment on trials and have no affiliation with them.

Researchers at the Universities of Glasgow and Edinburgh are looking for stroke survivors to take part in an online questionnaire relating to sleep after stroke.

You’re invited to take part whether you are a good sleeper or have difficulties with sleep.

What is the study about?

Problems with sleep are common after stroke. Research suggests that roughly a third of stroke survivors develop insomnia after their stroke; although estimates do vary depending on how insomnia is measured.

Despite the importance of good quality sleep, and how common disruption to sleep is after stroke, very few people are offered formal assessments of sleep.

This study aims to test a brief tool used to diagnose insomnia, the Sleep Condition Indicator, in people who have had a stroke.

We hope that this will lead to more efficient diagnosis, and timely treatment for people living with post-stroke insomnia.

What will it Involve?

Taking part involves completing an online questionnaire. This will ask questions about yourself, your sleep, your stroke, and your mental health. It will take approximately 20-25 minutes to complete.

Who can take part?

We invite you take part if you are
(a) aged 18 or older **
(b) have experienced** at least one stroke **
(c) are** not currently jetlagged or working nightshifts
(d) and are
not **currently undergoing treatment for a medical condition that may interfere with sleep (e.g., cancer treatment).

How Can I Register my Interest?

If you’re interested in taking part, you can complete the study by following this link: https://buff.ly/3UILXye

If you’d like to find out more, please contact Mr Declan M. McLaren at d.mclaren.2@research.gla.ac.uk

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