Tender Head

Since being discharged from hospital I generally had a tender scalp following the stroke.

Last week I went to A and E as the night before my head felt sooooooo swollen. I tried to lie on my left, my right, forehead, back of my head and even on my nose on the bed sheets just to relieve the pain. I thought something serious had happened as no matter what side I tried to lay on the pain was excuciating and felt like I was pushing my brain up either side I tried to lay on.


Would love to hear from others and whether this symptom has continued with you. 

Dear SMichael

Sorry to hear that a stroke has bitten you.

You have no doubt worked out that part of your brain has ceased to function and that the rest of your brain is busy rewiring itself to cover for the ceased to function bit.

Any and every part of your body is likely to be affected. The brain will be testing to see whats going on. So often the message from, in your case skin on your head, will be wrongly calculated by your poor hurt brain.

In my case I get toothache when nothing is wrong with my teeth. Weird.

By all means get the Docs to check things out, but in the meantime do try to relax a bit and accept all the weird messaging. By relaxing you will help the brain with its repair work and it may help you feel a little better.

Things do ease. It may take manymonths, but things do ease.

Good luck


You know what Colin, the more and more I come to terms with this truama I realise that this 'brain injury' like any sort of injury results in some sort of wound/healing. 

I mentioned in the over posts that I have suffered seizures and wonder whether this tenderness in my head is due to the seizures shocking the brain.

I was struck by your experience of toothpain yet not having anything wrong with your teeth.

The clinical investigations around a stroke are truly fascinating.

Thanks for sharing Colin.

Take care.

Dear Michael

It is indeed a brain injury and yet it is hardly ever discussed. I tell people I have a brain injury but they (a) dont believe me and(b) assume I am mentally retarded.

I have seen the images of a small area of my brain that has been killed off. An infarct in medic speak. This dead bit isnt ever going to heal. But the amazing brain will work around hat dead bit. Neuroplasticity in medic speak.

If I had my foot amputated then everyone will understand. But as its inside the head no one understands other than a fellow SS. 

So you are quite right, the infarct is a wound.

I also took ages to fathom out that there was "the stroking" when the brain was dieing off. Probably less than a couple of hours. Then there was the medical settling, for me just five days, at which stage I was signed off medically. Then there was the rehab, which is in hospital until I had some capability then at home for the rest. The rehab does include some sort of convalescing when we learn how to cope with the brains damage.

The rehab is also when the brain is mending itself by rewiring so you are quite right, this is a form of healing. This part doesnt seem to have a recognzed beginning nor end and Im blowed if I can work out how I am ment to negotiate this stage.

Stroke is the cinderella illness. So little research. At last there are signs of interest in the brain functions, too late for you and me. 

I have noticed loads of odd effects. The tooth thing is the most noteable but I get odd reaction all over. And that includes internal organs complaining or possibly just giving signals of complaint. SF is not understood and was hardly recognized by the medical profession until a few years ago. The terminology of "post stroke tiredness" is an insult. How I wish it was just tiredness, I might get a life back !

Then there is the timescale for recovery. I hope you are one of the "many months" survivors, when recovery is quick. But many of us are in the "many years" when recovery is slow. Im not sure that recovery ever will be complete.

I get a few moments when the SF clears. This has been just a few days in the past three years. I am hoping for more clear days and thenpermanent clear days, but I am not holding my breath.

So much for us SS to learn. So much.

Best wishes