Temper issues

Hi I'm new to this group. I suffered a stroke at the age of 42. Physically I'm fine but emotionally I'm different I use to be so chilled out now little things cause me to flip shouting etc has anyone experienced this I don't like the idea of taking tabs to control my temper

Ace, Sorry to hear about your stroke at a relatively young age. No, your experience is not unusual at all. Stroke affects the mind as well as the body. My stroke was almost four years ago, but, as soon as I was well enough to go home, my anger and frustration kicked in. They could be triggered my the least thing. It is a lot to do with our rage at not only not being the person we were, but also at not being able to do simple things we took for granted e.g.carry a tray or tying up shoelaces. Often we take this out on those closest to us.

Over time the anger lessens, but it can still linger. I still let out a mouthful of swear words if I drop a spoon or break something but, being an old codger, I try to control myself. Stroke has taught me a degree of patience more than any experience I have hard. Not that I would wish that experience on anyone.

Dear Ace

Your brain has been damaged and thats a massive shock to your system. The frustation of being unable to do what we use to do is orrible.

Lots of us are like this. Provided we can avoid harming anyone then we can try to work at reducing the frustration. 

I now do passtimes etc that I never did pre stroke. I spend ages on my veg patch. I serve on tables at local meetings and I manage 5 hours a month on an admin voluntary job.

My fatigue is perhaps extreme, in that I only get 45 minutes of activity then the fatigue can clamp down. So I rest. Never go to bed in the day, just sit quietly, often I will fall into a sleep or "stroke nap" .

You are not alone, many have similar symptoms.


Thanks for the reply I guess I'm one of the luck ones with no physical issues everything works I'm back to work full time in fact I was back work after 5 months just My temper that seems to be afftected

Thats really great to hear, that you have made a good recovery in so many areas. Every stroke is different. I think that you won the post stroke lottery.


My mum had a stroke 5 months ago and on occasions she gets a little uptight and very worked up over things that never bothered her before, in fact now she spends half her time worrying about things that she cant control anyways. A stroke effects the brain rather like a accident on a motorway..... you have to find a different way around the accident to get to your destination. 

Take care and go easy on yourself.