There are many things that can uplift us; reading, the great outdoors, being with friends and family etc.
One thing that can get me out of focusing on poor me is the date my wife and I have almost every night before bed, and that is binge watching our favorite shows on cable. Here in the USA we can get Britbox and Acorn TV. Yes, shows from the UK are our favorites.
Doc. Martin, All creatures great and small, Endeavor, Vera, Grantchester, Downton Abbey, Happy Valley, Waking the Dead, Midsomer Murders, Line of duty, Poirot…and many more.
Do you have favorites, are you a binge watcher?


We can get most of those without subscribing. I’m a bit annoyed I had to subscribe to Amazon Prime Video to get Good Omens Series 2. Can I recommend ‘Edge of darkness’ a BBC drama from 1985? Also Robin of Sherwood, ITV 1984-1986, the definitive Robin Hood.

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We like a lot of those too. Particularly Midsomer Murders, Poirot, Miss Marple. I am a bit of a medical program watcher…24 hrs in A&E, Surgeons on the edge of life etc. Although sometimes have to watch them behind my fingers as im a bit squeamish.

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I binge-watch anything that gives the option. I watched Killing Eve twice. Recently, on Netflix I have liked Narcos and Russian Doll, which were excellent. Happy Valley was brilliant, as was Good Omens (1 & 2). If you get the chance, watch Prima Facie, which stars Jodie Comer (National Theatre channel) and is a staggering good piece of acting.

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Can I suggest Annika to your list. Very good first series, 2nd one just coming out. Murder mysteries set in Scotland. Impressive scenary and it’s slightly different with Nicola walker speaking directly to the camera at times.
Life on Mars is on BBC Iplayer.
Shakespeare & Hathaway also on there. Skip past the first few of the second series as they are nowhere near as good as the others.

Should also mention ‘The Night Manager’

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@Mrs5K @Nigelglos @Janetb @MinnieB
Thanks so much my friends for the great tips. I’ll look into these shows.

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There is one very small positive to the stroke and it is very small…but I would never have got round to watching a number of these if it hadn’t happened.

If you had Marple on the list, I found it interesting comparing Joan Hickson playing the role to the later ones that were on itv. Both types were on the itv player, itvx now and presumably britbox. How crime drama has changed when the hero is never threatened in any way.

If you ever read the short stories of poirot you won’t believe how they made an hour’s drama out of on occasion just 8 pages.

Brokenwood I could next describe as a new Zealand version of midsummer murders but with many less murders. It’s odd isn’t it, whether it’s murder in paradise or midsummer something or other, bodies everywhere and most people continue their lives as though it’s nothing unusual :grin:

Last one, foyles war. Just superb. Set in ww2 and later on in the cold war. Michael Kitchen is perfect.

@Nigelglos they always start with a dead body; lol
Seen Brokenwood and I like Midsomer a wee bit better. I find the new inspector to be a bit boring, the old guy was much better.
Foyles War was spectacular. Couldn’t get enough of Kitchen.

@Nigelglos i think Joan Hickson was my favourite Miss Marple.

I forgot about Foyles War. Really liked that one too.