Tearful, tired extreme lethargy

Can anyone help me. I experienced a feeling of exhaustion and serious depression this weekend and can't seem to be able to get out of it. Any help welcome. Lilian

Hi Lillian. Try to work out how much of this is a result of stroke and how much has come about because of lockdown. Apparently, this last lockdown has left many people lethargic and lacking positivity. When I feel like that, I try and do a little task just to ensure I'm not sitting doing nothing. Phoning a friend or relative might help or just doing an easy crossword.

I am luck because I do three over 60s exercise classes a week. We can exercise seated or standing. Just going there stimulates me (I have to be taken) and it's valuable for the social aspect as much as anything.

Thank you for your reply. I think it may be due to lockdown and the weather. I shall take your advice and try to do something. Lilian

Hello Lilian,

Sorry to hear you are so low. If your depression is acute, it may be worth reaching out to someone on the phone, Stroke Association has a helpline, I have never used it but it might be worth speaking to someone. I experience lethargy quite a bit, and I find I have to work quite hard to inspire myself to lift it. I usually aim to seek comfortable things to do, things that will give me a small amount of satisfaction. We are all different but for me, sorting out things or making tentative plans for a project can draw me out of an ennui. Tiredness is difficult because much of it these days is tied in with fatigue, but little activities that are pitched at a level which is achievable when even tired, can help. I now take SSRI meds which manage the amount of serotonin I produce, this medication gives me more energy and stops me from feeling down unnecessary. I still have days when I feel flat, but generally my mood is stabilised. These meds are not for everyone, but I feel I needed them, and they have worked for me. 

Thank you for your reply, what are SSRI meds please?

Hi Lilian,

Sorry to hear you're feeling tired and down. I find that I can wake up some mornings and feel like that and I never find out a reason 'why'. I do a lot of meditations, at least once a day every day and it helps to quiet the mind of all the 'noise'. I also force positive messages into my head, like, "I am happy/positive/have a great partner/family" and then I smile and keep smiling. I also decided to learn the guitar during lockdown and when concentrating all that energy into learning it helps to combat any negativity. Keep your chin up and keep coming back here for a chat;-)


Thank you for your reply. I shall certainly tr what you suggest, not too sure about the guitar though. My family might not approve!!!

Hi Lilian ,try and do a little activity even if it's listening to some music you like or something on the telly that makes you laugh ,anything to try and distract how your feeling sometimes when we are sitting and the weather outside is rubbish it makes us feel down,hope it passes soon if not speak to your GP ,all the best pippy 

Thank you for your reply. I shall try Lilian

Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, antidepressant and anti-anxiety. I take ones specifically for anxiety and panic attacks, as I rarely suffer from depression. If it is a path you want to go down, it is worth talking to your GP, or mental health GP if your pratcice has one.

Thank you for your help. I may talk to my GP but today I feel much better. Lilian

I feel much better today. I have been for a walk in the garden with my rollator and helped to make a cup of coffee. I am trying hard to be positive. Good luck with your guitar lessons. Please keep in touch. Lilian

Hi Lillian so glad your feeling much better today ,the dark days arnt nice your get there and your  walk in the garden will make you feel good...hang in there your doing well ,we are all here for each other ,have a bright positive day ..pippy x

Thank you so much for your message. I have just been for a coffee at Starbucks, with my husband pushing me in my wheelchair. It has a motor but not my usual one which is broken! Thebrakes have to be in my charge, very exciting on the hill as I have not got full use of my right hand yet!! Iam feeling better now. Please keep in touch. Lilian 

Lillian that is so good to hear ,you have been out and about brilliant and with the added bonus of a Starbucks good for you ..pippy x

I hopething are better we all have days like this and it's not easy. Do you live by yourself as it help to have someone to talk too. Also small activities can help. Fatguie jdoes not help but you are not alone all the best des

Thank you for your reply Des.I do feel a lot better. I have taken the advice given to me. I have tried to walk in the garden each day with my rollator.I do not live alone, I live with my husband of fifty nine years, so we find plenty to talk about. I have a son who calls round every day and a daughter in Dubai who I talk to every day on Skype but they don't really know what it is like to have had a stroke. That is why I am so grateful to you and others on this site for your help and understanding. Keep in touch Lilian

Thank you for your reply. I am much better again today. In your picture you look very young with a number of children. How many have you got and when did you have your stroke? Lilian 

Aww that's good ,no they are my grandchildren the big kid is my son I'm 58,I've 2 boys and a girl my eldest is 36 next week my daughter is 34 and my youngest is 28,I have 14 grandchildren ,I had my stroke on the 13th of April ,it was totally out of the blue and had just finished a shift at work and driven home ,I was home alone it was a very scarey moment,I had to call my daughter to take me to the hospital as the ambulance was going to be 2 hours ,but on the mend now and hopefully back to work on the 30th of this month ,glad your feeling good again today ? maybe another Starbucks lol ,have a loverly positive day ..pippy x

I'm having one of those days today Lillian.didnt sleep well last night,woke after 10am later than usual and have sat and cried for the last 3hours!why?I don't know I had a brilliant day yesterday,achieved so much,maybe hormones,maybe fatigue, maybe tablets I'm on or a combination.ive replied to a couple ofpeople on this site to try to advise them on their needs and I feel a bit better now.think its because we're all pretty much in the same way and just know your not alone.i have decided to do nothing today,I will sit n watch telly,read the paper and just chill out.everything else can wait.start again afresh tomorrow.hope you start to feel more positive,theres always what I call my bullet proof duvet,i get under it now n again when I'm feeling down and nothing can get to me.all the best.Bernadette.x