Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone suffers from an upper limb weakness. I'm looking at getting a tattoo to signify my stroke looking to get it on my effected right wrist I'm just not sure how it would react to getting done ?

can anyone help?

Hellk there,I can’t help with your question but I am thinking of having one as well so I would be interested in the answer.please if you have one♡

You would need to be aware of the medication you’re taking (IE blood thinners) Warfarin / Clopidogrel and see if they make you bleed heavily or if they prolong the healing process. I have a good friend who is a tattooists and he explained that heavily bleeding will push out the ink unevenly and thus making the tattoo quality look poor or patchy. i am on Clopidgrel and have found my healing and bleeding has been affected and would love a piercing and tattoo for the same reasons ( it shows what ive been through in life( only a few people understand that reasoning!) but have sadly come to the decision i shouldn’t get one done. Personal choice made upon my personal circumstances. Neillypooes X