hi this is the 1st time ive used this only having a stroke a few days ago and my question is ive lost alot of my taste of food is this normal for a stroke victim?

Marku, Welcome to the forum. Stroke impacts on us all in different ways. After my stroke, I did not enjoy food for some time. Nowadays I do. You are in very early days post stroke . Do feel free to ask us all anything. If we can help, we will.

Dear Marku

So sorry to learn of the stroke that bit you just a few days ago.

My taste buds changed as soon as I had a stroke. Food tasted odd, sometimes foul, for about 18 months. The taste buds just slowly came good. My appetite was not harmed, in fact it is better than before stroke.

Do remember to drink a lot of water. Your brain needs extra water whilst it repairs itself.

Lots of us are here for you. Ask anything and one of us will have a few words to say.

Best wishes


thank you

thanks its good to have this site



Hi Marku, 

My taste buds also changed following the stroke and I found I ate more sweet than savoury food which was a significant change for me. Now 10 months later I still prefer sweet to savory food and I now have to watch what I eat.

Hope you are doing well.


I hope you are doing ok. welcome on to the forum. There are a lot of great people here who will help. 

For me everything tasted awful. I couldn’t eat anything. I lost over a stone in two weeks. My taste returned after a couple of weeks. Me appetite is back so I’m watching what I eat as I’ve put a couple of pounds on. I like the slimmer me.

remember to drink plenty water



ive found sweet stuff the taste lasts but all other food is quite bland