Tapering off antidepressants

Hi everyone some of you might remember the episode I had last year when I was wrongly advised by my doctor to how to come to anxiety medication.

My partner came across this article on BBC news about this issue



@joy.alliy thank you for sharing the link. I remember my husband coming off some pain meds following a car accident. He felt a bit better one morning so he decided not to take his pain meds. Later that day he was sick & felt really poorly. We got the dr out & he said it was withdrawal symptoms from stopping the meds & that he needed to wean off them. The worrying part of that was he’d only been taking them 3 days and was already “addicted”.

Just goes to show doesn’t it.

Hope you are doing ok.

Ann x

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Hi Lorraine all is well and hope the same goes for you. Slowly tapering on my anxiety meds after my partner has to explain what happened to my doctor.

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Hi Anne,

Unfortunately I’m been on anxiety and antidepressants since my stroke over 2 years ago. So now I’m slowly trying to wean off them, starting with the anxiety meds.

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