Talks with healthcare professionals

It is pretty hard to get quick appointments with consultants or specialist teams to raise queries about the effects of strokes.
Could the team invite someone, perhaps once a month to a zoom/teams call and people using the forum could ask questions here that would be picked up in the call ?
The call could be structured so it gave an overview, details of any recent developments and then answer questions asked on here ?


@AshleyTH more to add to the agenda?

@Nigelglos this sort of idea is the thinking behind Digitally Enabled Chronic Care Community Networks: beyond '1hr Fortnightly zoom Cafés'
Hard to get traction though as it’s pushing aside years, centuries even of habit the med staff have. Habit that doesn’t serve us as well as a shift in mindset and practice will when it evolves :slight_smile:


It might only be 10 mins to perhaps give an overview of medication, or the latest research, options outside traditional medication, nerve pain etc
Nothing specific to anyone individual


Hi @Nigelglos , that’s a really interesting suggestion. @SimonInEdinburgh thanks for tagging me in.

I will forward this on to our Online Activities Hub team who host a number of weekly Zoom calls.

They do have a weekly session called My Stroke and Me where people can talk about their own strokes. But the idea of an expert Q&A or even just expert lecture sounds really interesting.

Thanks again.



Sounds like a great idea!

I (for example)have not been seen by a GP for over 3 years. The practice are still blaming Covid. This may have some truth in it, but I see it as an excuse. They pump me full of antibiotics. Which I don’t see as an improvement in the long term.

Be great to review medication.
Best Wishes


Hi Eamonn
That is shocking.
You should ask for a push doctor appointment if they can’t see you face to face. It’s via video. I have found these really useful, sometimes a bit late on the timeslot they give you but it is with a GP.

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Hi Nigel,

It is bad. I have a Video appointment on Monday.



Our go practice has been absorbed into a giant one. They don’t do video at all and now don’t do phone like during COVID - which was at least easier and quicker for some things
Generally neither much continuity nor very accessible

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The push doctor service isnt with your own GP Simon if that helps ?
They ideally should offer it if they can’t see you in a reasonable time.

With a lot of us having sensation issues which can’t be seen by another human, I didn’t feel a video appointment was any less of a service. It was just nice to talk to a professional. They can prescribe things for you.


I have raised with the online activities team as this doesn’t seem to have had any visible progress since may.

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