Taking time out

We family/caregivers are regularly advised to take time out but rarely do. Well, I’ve bucked the trend today. I’m waiting for one of my sisters to pick me up and whisk me to Seaham Hall Serenity Spa for the day! All the more  brilliant because it was a last minute booking. So, what will become of John? Who knows? I think he’s excited ? Apparently, he’s been awake since 5.0 am ‘in case you  sleep in’, he confided. His last orders as he buried himself under the duvet was to remember my swimming costume ???. Hmmm?? Now how can I keep an eye ? on him? Has he something planned??? We’ll wait and see,,,,?? happy days, it’s a new week. 

What a lovely treat Veronica. Have a lovely pamper day.


Thank you Ann. We’re meeting another sister there! Sadly, the other three weren’t available at such short notice. ? Yep, I have 5 beautiful sisters. We all met near Kendal in June for two nights. So therapeutic following our Mam’s long demise. Have a lovely day yourself. ?

From day 1 I have told Rose to push off for an hour or two. Anything to get her away from me. She also has a 4 day break every month. At first the 4 days were too muchfor me, but she had ailing parents and an unwell son to go and see. Son is now recovered, parents have passed on and she can enjoy her 4 day freedom pass. I like her being away. I can sort my head out. Go at my own pace. And know she is not burdened for a while. Pleased when she is home and I dont have to get my meals.



Hi Veronica - only just home from work, so have come late to the party!!  Hope by now you've had a great day, and you are totally chillaxed - hold that feeling ?

We had a really lovely day together, excellent spa treatments, a delicious lunch, lovely environment and most of all two beautiful sisters on either side of me  burning my ears off! We toasted our Mam and shared news of our own families. They dropped me home at 6.45. Fab-u-lous.

So what did John do? He’d pottered in the garden, walked to the local shops and back (one mile round trip) then cooked dinner for us both. Agh! I was already replete, full, stuffed! He had to sit on his own and munch away. A man like that deserves a treat so I took him to see our friends at the dance and on to the pub afterwards for his half pint. Needless to say, we both slept until 9.30 this morning,,,at least I did! ??