Taking Statins when cholesterol was low before Stroke

My Cholesterol was never high before my stroke, however I was put on Artorvastatin immediately after which appears to be the norm.
My problem is I have developed muscle and joint aches and would really like to stop taking them. I am speaking with my gp later but would like to know if anyone else has successfully stopped taking statins and found no adverse effects please.



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How longs have you had your stroke for? It’s really nice to meet you.

About myself I am 10 months in after 3 strokes in Nov 2022. I’m getting on with my recovery and trying to keep on keepin on and stay cool.

If you’d like some more info please check this out - read as much or as little as you want and just ask questions

Everyone here is here to help and share and respond and discuss so great that you have taken this step!!

May I ask if the SA put you onto this?

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If you search for statins with the magnifying glass of the top you’ll see it’s a very discussed topic for precisely the reasons you outlined

There are a number of folk here who have given up the statins as unnecessary

there is also a reference to thincs.org Who are the cholesterol sceptics .

You’re right that statins are in knee jerk reaction from the medical staff for everybody who is a stroke almost as relevant as telling you to cut your toenails

Some say statins are a conspiracy to sell unnecessary drugs by the drug industry - surely not! I do take a atruevostatin40mg although I was prescribed 80 originally but it gave me muscle cramps. There are many alternatives if you do actually need to control cholesterol but this tends to be the one that’s dispensed because it’s the cheapest




@LMJ hi & welcome to the forum. Sorry you’ve had cause to join us. Statins are a standard medication post stroke & I think are given to help prevent arteries furring up irrespective of your cholesterol levels. They help lower the risk of another stroke.

If they’re causing you issues hopefully your GP will either change them, lower the dose or may even agree they’re not needed.

Best wishes



Strokes cause so many imbalances in the body directly afterwards. It takes months - if not years - to restore the balance that was in the body pre-stroke. They just wreak havoc. That reality can’t be downplayed. You can get diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart and kidney issues, etc. - all from just having a stroke. Unreal. We all know that your immune system is very compromised after a stroke. They even tell you that.


In people who have experienced an ischemic stroke, statins reduce the risk of recurrent stroke of any type medicated through a reduction of ischemic stroke.
I don’t like taking them either, but I had an ischemic stroke.


I think Voltaire was the original author of an interesting quote .

He said the rational and wise (wo) man believes in God. He justified his assertion that the rational and wise man who was in error paid no price. But should you not believe in God and you make an error than the price you pay as eternal.

I take my statins while I recognise the controversy rages around me because.

I didn’t have an explanation for my stroke ever and I have each time I have been tested being told that while my compound number is made up of a larger than average good cholesterol component it is high by recommended standards.

I guess if I did more research I could better understand that nuance.

In the meantime I just take my meds because there are so many factors post-stroke that need to be understood and integrated and I’ve never had the bandwidth to focus on this slightly irksome topic

Ciao simon


I did not know any of that. Although I can’t say they didn’t tell someone in my family, if they mentioned it to me, it was definitely while I was still sedated. I do get ill easily. Before, illness was an extreme rarity. I also have statins even with low cholestrol, and was treated for diabetes in hospital although I am not diabetic. I would like to stop any medication that isn’t necessary but Atorvastatin may be the only one left. Gabapentin helps my eyes enough I will likely have to keep it.


Hello, I had my stroke 6 months ago, they put me on statins straight after. I’ve been experiencing extreme fatigue and aches and pains. I saw my gp ,she did lots of blood tests to rule anything else out, she’s taken me off the statins for a month to see whether it will make a difference


Hi @Mags2
Sorry you have had cause to join us :slight_smile: now you’re here you’ll find we are a empathetic bunch who have discussed many of the challenges you’ve mentioned in the past

You might find the welcome post starts to give others experience with some of the point you have raised - see how to search for posts for example - there are many on statins and taking a rest from them to see if they are the basis of side effects. They’re not likely to be the cause of fatigue - there’s a section in the welcoming post on that :slight_smile:


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Hi @Mags2

I’m 10 months in and it’s all a struggle I know!!!

I think @SimonInEdinburgh has said everthing for the moment I just want to say hello and I’m feeling for you

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@Mags2 hi & welcome to the forum. Hope you are progressing ok. Fingers crossed coming off the statins eases your symptoms. There are alternatives that you could take if necessary.

Best wishes

Ann x

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