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My dad recently had a stroke, I’m 22 and his next of kin. No one knows the details to access his bank account and his rent is not being paid properly. The landlord is saying we need the money by the end of the week and we’ve no way of accessing it other than £385 power of attorney as my dad can’t give consent himself. Has anyone experienced anything like this? Please help.

So very sorry to hear about your Dad and your prediciament. Not an easy one for you.

I have no personal experience of your situation but have been looking into this since my own stroke last year. QUOTING the Which magazine August 2019 "A relatvie applies to the Court of Protection to become deputy.The court decides,possibly after a hearing.The Deputy must then show the court orders to the authorities and banks.The deputy must record the decisions and transactions they make on your Dads behalf in an annual reportand submit this to the authorities."

It all costs alot of money up to £1000 in some cases.

If the person you are deputy for has limited assets,you may be able to get a sustantial reduction in fees

.Not sure this is what you wanted to hear but

Best of luck .




you can get guidance from the Office of the public guardian, the Gov office that deals with power of attorney. you need a Lasting Power of Attorney, sounds like you may have this already? it shouldn't cost you to use it. there's a small fee to register it,  or to get certified copies. much depends on how compos mentis Dad is. if you have attorney and he is not mentally capable, you can act on his behalf. there is guidance on this and the rules are quite tight, as they are designed to protect the donor, as I think they are called. 

it will take a bit of investigation but the office of the public Guardian should be able to give you the correct guidance.

good luck 


Thanks so much Tony I’ll look into that ASAP

Thankyou it means a lot - I’m going to look into this further :)

Hi Emily . Try Citizens Advice they may be able to help or at least put you in the right direction towards legal aid .