Taking a tumble

Oh dear, I was taking the washing out on a trolley to the garage where the tumbler dryer is when I took a fall stepping out of the kitchen onto the decking. I have had a weak ankle on my stroke side and it will sometimes give way. Anyway, there I am facing a plant container thinking, 'Oh f...., I've done it again.' No twisted ankle and no other injury.

I am writing this, because when I left hospital, the physiotherapist said 'Expect falls'. Fortunately, my exercise classes for oldies teach us how to get up from a fall. Basically, you roll over onto your good side, get onto your knees, move towards a chair, or, in my case the patio door, then put your good knee forward and push upwards. There are probably examples of this on YouTube. So, I did this and used the outside handle of the patio window to help me.

So, my friends, here I am, recording my experience whilst lounging on the sofa. No swollen ankle, no broken bones, a slightly sore bum and yet another cautionary tale about the need to slow down a bit and be more careful in future. Oh dear, where is that working man who could run for a train with ease or that teenage lad trudging up a mountain? Like Scarlett O'Hara, gone with the wind!

Dear John

I am so pleased that the major part of your injury is your pride. Well done for knowing what to do. 

Given the task you were undertaking, does this classify as a fall or a tumble.

Yoga classes have released some of my malfunctioing joints and I am improved on the steadiness as a result. My mantra is not "expect falls" but it is "be ready and avoid falls". So far its four years and not a fall. Yes I have tumbled over but that is far from a crashing fall.  

I guess being so short does mean I am nearer the ground to start with. I knew that my short stature would be a good thing one day.

So thats all the bad news relating to your recovery in 2020. Now its 364 days in which to make nice little progress points such as climbing mountains in Scotland. Sterling effort that it was.

Do you have any targets for 2020 ? I used to have all sorts of new year resolutions but post stroke I dont make them. Perhaps I should. 2021 perhaps.

It is mild enough to get my coat on and go and prune the second butterfly bush. Sooty is sound asleep on my bed. Rose is off to the main shops for the ninety third time this year (slight exageration) and the local builders are still on holiday so its lovely and peaceful.

best wishes


Ouch - that's just not fair, but thank goodness you are able to get up independently - phew!  The message surely is ... housework chores can be bad for your health, stick to climbing Scottish hills ?

Just to be on the safe side, no more chores for you today!!  xx

Ouch!  Glad you didn't hurt yourself badly. But as Scarlett O'Hara also famously said -  tomorrow is another day heart x