Taking a break today

No I’m not going away.

Grab a drink, sit or lie down.
Tune into some music, if that is your thing.
Turn the television on.
Twiddle your thumbs, an art that takes some time to acquire.
Any of these.

Gentle but absorbing distraction is what you are looking for.

Is there something you need to be doing?
Try actively making it wait for a bit.
For a change, ease off on the pressure.
Have a siesta.

Tomorrow the world will still be here with all its hurry, hurry.

Today let it all drift away.
Rest is healing time.

Keep on keepin’ on
:writing_hand: :grinning: :+1:


Sage advice

And philosophical too :slight_smile:

I have a small commitment outside the house today. I’ve said that I’ll help a small startup research company here that is making upper limb & hand rehabilitation tools. I think that will be My sort of relaxation .

I also find pottering around my garden with a hedge trimmer and a chainsaw and a target compost heap, and the other composted heap and a wheelbarrow and a trowel and a tray of newly sprung seedlings restful in a way that replenishes my batteries.

The actual act of sitting for long periods isn’t for me restful.

I’ll join you Bobby in wishing everybody here a great day and whatever way makes it great for them :slight_smile:

Ciao Simon


Happy Thursday!


I have to work today so will save my break for a different day. Off on hols next week so guess I’ll get plenty of breaks then :grin:

Have a great Thursday everyone x


Hi Simon, Exciting to hear that you are taking part in some research for upper limb and hand rehabilitation tools. Always great to get involved in research. A good way to take a break.

Good for you. :clap:

Regards Sue


I did! I took a break I hadn’t intended, I answered one post on here that seemed to take a couple hours…in between making cups of tea. That’s a lot of sitting doing nothing, need to go for an aimless walk now.

I’m sure I had plans for today when I got up this morning, but my brain has just wiped them away and turned this into my nothing day. It must have its reasons but who am I to question them :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Tomorrow’s another day :blush:


Oh good. I’m not the only one with a brain that sorts out my plans by throwing them in the bin - for recycling perhaps?
I have great tussles sometimes trying to retrieve something that my brain has decided needs storing away in an archive and well out of reach.
Now what was trying to do?

Keep on keepin’ on
:question: :upside_down_face: :+1:

. . . and @Strings what a beautiful and slow snail !!


A necessary afternoon nap for me yesterday after an extremely rewarding and tiring physio session.

I walked a long way with my crutch around the hospital bumping into lits of staff who remembered me from my stay last year.
Plus my left hand is showing signs of wanting to be useful again, plus my arm is also waking up - since my shoulder has unstuck - seems to be a lot more responsive.
Happy Friday all and @Mrs5K hope you and Phil have a lovely week of sunshine and rest in Majorca x.


@Bobbi May the wisdom of Sammy the snail be upon you. Take it easy!


My partner just asked me, “What are your plans for today, fancy a tip run?” I said, “No, my plan for today is just to potter around doing very little.” :laughing:


Really really pleased to hear that your arms waking up and your hand is doing good stuff .

That’s fantastic mine has been waking up over the last or so I wonder if there’s anything that you do that’s worth sharing I’m more than happy to share what I do encourage my to wake up.
I’ve been thinking of doing a post for a while I think I will unless you want to start one



@SimonInEdinburgh @TRFCANDY53

I’m sure a thread about exercise and such with a view to improving dexterity, mobility and such would have an appreciative audience who would no doubt be keen to share.

It is quite exciting to discover that bits of you are starting to reboot. The ‘Howto’ would be interesting to discover.


Taking that time to ease back on things is also a valuable part of recovery, I agree.

Keep on keepin’ on
:writing_hand: :grinning: :+1:


@TRFCANDY53 Andy, that is really great to read. You are coming along so well. I bet it is so good to be walking better & great that you arm / hand is waking up too. Not surprised you had a nap after your physio if he had you foing all that walking.

Thank you for the holiday wishes. We are looking forward to it now. :sun_with_face::sun_with_face: