T i a

Im 32 and suffered a tia i know its not a full on stroke but how long do u normaly have to wait to b seen in tia clinic its now been 4 week and not sure what to do any sugestions thank u 

Hi Michelle - don't think there's a definitive time on this, it seems to differ and maybe depends on the hospital etc.  I made several requests to see the stroke consultant, and nothing happened.  As my husband was becoming negative and worryingly depressed, I phoned the stroke nurse one day and just burst into tears.  I was so worried about him that I couldn't stop myself crying, I'd been holding things together up until that point!  The nurse phoned me back later that day with an appointment date.  I think you have to be persistent, and to emphasise how important it is for you to speak to a specialist - don't be fobbed off!!  Good luck xx

Hi Michelle, 

It’s a bit of a post code lottery out there I’m afraid.In some parts of the country, the NHS are fairly good, and appointments are prompt. In my area, I had a long wait of 9 weeks after my stroke, before I saw my stroke consultant . I’m sure if I hadn’t  phoned his personal secretary up at the hospital, I’d still be waiting! You can always make another appointment with your GP, mention about how anxious you are and see what happens, maybe you’ll get a result?

Ps. I found out the name of my consultant from my GP, and was given his secretary’s phone number, so I decided to act.



Hello thank u means alot as been worried :)