T I A ( Mini Stroke)

Can anyone give advice please aboyt my wife who on Sunday had a TIA, folliwing tests was discharged later that day, since then her legs have stopped working, and i have to manoeuvre her around, which has become very difficult. And still today no joy with her legs, at the TIA Clinic yesterday the consultant said in time her legs will return to normal. But at the moment thats not the case. Should i call for a doctor immediately. Thanks


Personally I think you should call an ambulance. Thats what my stroke consultant told me after I had TIA 3yrs ago. TIAs can be the leadup to a stroke and your GP just isnt equipped to diagnose a stroke and wont have the medication she needs right away if she does have a stroke. So if this issue with her legs is a newer symptom you need to err on the side of caution and get her to hospital. Good luck🤞 Hopefully its just the effect of the TIA, just don’t take any chances with her life.


Thankyou so much for your reply, i am sat here just not knowing what to do, im hoping the TIA Consultant will ring my wife very soon then i can get a definate decision either way. I really appreciate your help in this matter.


Good luck, hope Consultant doesn’t take too long getting back to you :smile:

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Please call 111 now @Man.utd don’t wait.

That is what they are there for.

I cannot give you medical advice but they can.

@EmeraldEyes is right too - if you have ANY ANY more FAST symptoms then call 999 immediately please

I will not go into details but I had a TIA followed by ischemic and heamorragic strokes…

Kieran :polar_bear: :wink:


God love you – you had both kinds of strokes + a TIA in such a short period of time. I never heard of that. You are lucky to be alive, friend.

What caused the brain bleed? Did you have high blood pressure? And your ischemic stroke was caused by a blood clot/obstruction?


Let’s take this outside this? I have messaged you so not to clog up just us on this topic?


Hi @Man.utd

I’m not a medical professional, but this does sound like a medical emergency, and as EmeraldEyes mentioned, it’s important to err on the side of caution.

Considering the sudden and concerning development of her leg issues, its best to seek immediate medical attention.

I would recommend calling 999 or your local emergency number for guidance.

Stroke-like symptoms, especially when they worsen or do not improve, can be a sign of a more serious condition, and quick medical intervention can be critical.

In the meantime, make sure your wife is comfortable, keep her calm, and try to monitor any changes in her condition. Please let us know how things go, and we hope for the best possible outcome for your wife.


Thanks for your reply, its really reassuring that people like you are out there to help my wife and I. At this present moment my wife has Covid which doses’nt help the problem. Today i am waiting for a phone call from a consultant at the TIA Clinic, who hopefully will guide me.



Your wife could well be in a critical condition.

You need to act now.

Phone for an ambulance. Say your wife is having a stroke and needs assistance now.

You must act now, no waiting

I repeat now, no waiting.

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Don’t wait for the phone call. You phone for an ambulance.


We have no wish to alarm you, but there is such a thing as a “Silent Stroke”. Your wife only had her TIA last Sunday so she is far from being out of the woods for a full blown stroke she really doesn’t want to have! As we have all now said TIA’s are the run up to a stroke.

And with Silent Strokes the FAST signs for a stroke just don’t apply! With them it could just be her speech is suddenly off, or her balance, or her vision, or her legs stop working, as in your wife’s case!

No one can make that diagnoses this over the phone, only the hospital can do that! You’ve already waited 24hrs and the consultant hasn’t phoned. So phone now for an ambulance and get the right treatment for your wife.

I know it’s a pain in the proverbial butt, but that is just how it has got to be! This could be life saving if they find a clot somewhere and can remove it in time.

As all ambulance crews always say “plan for the worst, hope for the best”!

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@Man.utd i would echo what the others have said. Any new symptoms should be checked immediately.

Have you had the call from the consultant yet? If not please, as a minimum call 111 forcadvice. They will send an ambulance if they think it’s an emergency.

Hope your wife gets better soon.

Take care.



I had a stroke last November . I had no desire to walk and could sleep for England! Roll on 12 months, my meds seem to have settled down and I go, weather permitting, daily for short walks. Despite my AF I feel good but my BP has been lowered and I can easily get transient dizziness! Other than that I feel fine, but quite a journey! The stroke and heart teams at my local hospital have been very helpful.


HI @Man.utd

did you get a call from the TIA clinic? I hope you got some reassurance or answers?

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Thanks for your reply im pleased to say after a couple of phobe calls from the TIA CLINIC, and then my wife tested positive for Covid, and thankfully that was the cause about her legs…


That’s good - must be a relief in some respects.

Hope she’s not too poorly

K :wink: :polar_bear:

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Well every time I am talking to my son my words gets stuck

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Wow covid caused your wife’s leg problems. I guess that must be a relief in a way but no doubt a surprise too. Hope she recovers from covid quickly.

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Hope and pray with you and your family