T I A and medication

Hi, my dad had a T.I.A in late December 2021. It was pretty bad, as he left in the ambulance my mum didn’t even know if he would make it.
He’s made lifestyle changes, lost a lot of weight and now appears to be healthiest he’s been for a long time.
When it first happened he was put on medication but he says he was only told to take it for 1 month. His heart scan came back fine and all the bloods he had took were fine. Have other people only had to take medication for a month after their T.I.A?
I have a young child and he’s the best grandad to her but ever since I’ve not felt easy leaving her alone with him incase it happens again which I hate.
Is there a bigger chance of it happening again with him not being on medication? Do people still have them a second time even when medicated?
Looking for any advice please! Thankyou!

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@Lauren543 welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear your Dad had a TIA. Sounds like he is making good progress. I should imagine the treatment you get following a TIA would depend on the exact cause.
A TIA can be considered as a warning sign that you’re at higher risk of stroke but I should imagine the lifestyle changes your dad has made will have lowered that risk a bit. There are never any guarantees of course.
I can understand you being wary about leaving your child with him but it’s important not to let the TIA rule your lives. Life is full of unexpected events & we can’t worry about them happening all the time or we’d never do anything.
If you’re worried I would suggest contacting your dad’s stroke consultant/nurse or the GP for advice.
Best wishes .



Sorry to hear about your dad. I can understand your concerns but you cannot let a TIA win yes do the best you can do to help lower the risk and it seems he as done but life goes on let your dad and your daughter enjoy the time there have together before you know it your daughter will be grown up and a good grandad can help her in the year ahead with kind regards des

Hi sorry to hear about your dad hun sadly I had multiple t.I.a follow by a bigger stroke and I still carried on taking my medication sadly they found a hole in my heart which I knew nothing about and that with hypertension and that caused me to have a bigger stroke I’m sure you’re dad will be fine they wouldn’t take him off his medication if he was at risk of another hun he’s obviously done life style changes and he’s doing well by the sounds of it xxx