Symptoms worse following return to work


This is my first post. I had a stroke in May this year which affected my right arm. I consider myself very lucky as most function has returned. I went back to work as a teaching assistant 2 weeks ago. The tingling numbness in my hand and forearm has got worse. By the end of the day my hand is stiff and I have shoulder pain.

Has anyone else had a worsening of symptoms? Is this normal? Is it because I am using it more and it will improve with time? 

morning, could just be your doing to much to soon and your body is telling you to rest, no doctor but I find the more i do the more I suffer, so I’m slowly learning to listening to my body and spread things out. Hopefully things improve for you

You could be doing too much soon   pace yourself and rest when you get home

Welcome I had a stroke n may mild but life changing.  It's the fatguie that is the hard part take your time you are more important then I job. It could be  fatguie that is making your arm worse give your self time and rest. If you can cut back u hours all the best des