Swollen Ankles

Hi all, I’m 182 days since my stroke. I’ve noticed that apart from having speech issues I have developed swollen ankles.I’ve changed my socks that I wear but even new ones give me the same problems.I’ve also found with my speech problem I’m not really taking part in group conversation.My wife is terrific at my support when I’m struggling.Thing is,recovery from a stroke is a slow process.

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@philrug recovery is definitely a slow process. Slower than we all expect i think.

Swollen ankles can be caused by many things including medication side effects. If they dont get better you should see your GP so they can find the cause.

Happy christmas to you & yours.

Ann x

Some of my blood pressure medicines caused swollen ankles.
As I understand it, your calf muscles take the fluid out of the ankle and foot so if those are weak or not used much, the fluid might build up.
The solution for me was to reduce one BP medicine and increase another, it hasn’t fully gone away but is better.
What was different post stroke is the fluid was in the foot and ankle, before the stroke the fluid used to build up on top of the sock line.

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Thankyou Ann and a Merry Christmas x

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Thanks for all the replies,they are very helpful. To all have Very Merry Christmas

Hi @philrug I’ve been having problems with swollen ankles at one point they were really bad and my foot had also swollen, I spoke to my gp I’d had all the usual tests last year after the stroke so she wasn’t overly concerned she started me on water tablets and told me to put my feet up as much as possible which did work but I wasn’t keen on staying on them permanently so came of them and to go back if they got bad again, maybe a few weeks after stopping them I could feel my ankles starting to swell again, I’m always on the go and not keen on sitting with my feet up all day so I bought a wedge type cushion to keep my feet up while I slept, worked a treat I noticed a difference straight away. My ankles do still swell a little by the end of the day but compared to what I was like it’s nothing and I have normal ankles every morning :smiley: Definitely speak to your gp about it though.

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It certainly is a slow process and I’ve found there’s always added aches and pains to deal with! Hang on in there and keep going ! There are a lot of us in this recovery together and we are thinking of you. Take care and chin up . Suzywong