Swollen ankle in effected leg

Hi everyone.  Does anyone  have any tips on how to deal with a swollen ankle  ? My ankle on my affected side (left) is quite swollen. It has been puffy since my stroke 3 years ago. I had a doppler scan when I was in hospital, which checked for clots and was all clear but it has remained a bit swollen  since then. I'm sure this heatwave isn't  helping. I just wondered if anyone  has any tips to reduce swelling ?  Thank you

Regards  Sue 


Hi Sue - my Mum also suffers from swollen legs and ankles, even before her stroke. The blood pressure medication she was taking (Amlodopine) made it worse, so she has been taken off of them. Most of the doctors / nurses say that sitting with your legs raised will help with the swelling. And you are right - the heat will certainly make it worse.

Best Wishes


I have the same problem but did before stroke. My Mum always had swollen feet and I've definitely got her legs!  I like soaking mine in cool water with some peppermint oil in or wrap your ankles up in cold flannells for 10 mins. Like Craftchick says I lay with my legs on 3 pillows which helps a bit but they don't stay unswollen for long. My blood pressure tablets cause fluid retention too - it's a nuisance!

Thanks Karen, I'm  also taking amlodopine, my stroke was caused  by high blood  pressure. Perhaps  I should speak to my Gp. I often sit with my foot in cold water but it doesn't  seem to help much. Regards  Sue 

Hi, thanks, I often sit with my foot in cold water but it doesn't  really seem to help much. I take Amlodopine  as my stroke  was caused  by high blood  pressure  !! 

Regards Sue 

I had to come off Amlodopine it didn't like me so on Perindopril now.

Hi Sue, yes I would definitely speak with your GP as there are other options available. My Mum had the same problem many years back and they were changed to Felodipine. Still a bit puffy after that but not as bad.

And then when in hospital after her stroke, they put her back on Amlodopine and the same thing happened again. So the doctor has stopped them completely, and we check her Blood Pressure at home to make sure it's OK.

Hope you get it sorted as I know how uncomfortable it can be.

Take Care, Karen