Went to a private swimming pool today , been going since Xmas and been doing only walking in the pool, but today I tried swimming using noodles and managed it , two weeks ago I could only float using the noodles , but today I swam , love it but tired now


That’s great news @daveymitch well done on achieving this. Hopefully it will become easier with the fatigue :clap::clap::clap:



Well done :slight_smile:


@daveymitch Brilliant, well done. Those noodle things are great for building your confidence. Best wishes, keep it up!


@daveymitch well done that’s a great bit of progress.

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That is exciting news! Can hardly wait to get back in the pool. That is how I got stronger fairly quickly. I have suffered over the fall and winter without it. I failed to make a plan for keeping strong while waiting for warm weather.

Swimming, or even wading, rowing your arms, other exercises in the water helps build strength, promote breathing, is virtually painless, helps one sleep better and is all around great for your body as well as relaxing.

I hope you love it as much as I do and keep at it!

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WELL DONE. I can float on my back plus do a little on my front but have been trying to find a course at our local baths that can help me to swim (with limited use of my left side) but here in Trafford there seems to be know were to go. I was offered one at Sale Baths but when i visited it the facilities were terrible. So waiting for the warmer weather when my husband has offered to take me. Unless anyone out there can help with suggestions?