Am almost 30 years post stroke (collapsed when I was only 28).  Have overcome total paralysis etc, so my balance isn't great.  Use a walker (rollator), was in a wheelcair for 14 years before that.  Have had a problem with my swallowing though since Day 1.  Nobody would know now, except myself....and my dentist haha!  However, I cough sometimes due to this, and it get quite annoying for others though am soon fine.  Anyone else?  Thanks x


Hi Spacer....just to let you know your not the only one....following major stroke in 2011....swallowing  something I struggled with throughout recovery and still have problems to date with tablets etc getting stuck ...often choke when eating and drinking and chatting when eating a definite no no as I have learned the hard way....Respect to you for your fighting spirit over 30 years;especially considering how young you were  ..you should be so proud of yourself, truly inspirational... 

Thank you so much Christian for your reply.  Respect to you too, and continued success.  It is certainly a long and tough road, but keep going dude.  My name is Carole by the way, and it is good to know that I am not alone - phew!  Obviously, when my stroke happened in 1993, there wasn't the help around like there is now, and am so thankful.  Good to learn other stories, and share experiences at last.  Thanks again. Be well. Peace laugh

Hi Spacer,
Most of the time I can swallow OK, but some things I have problems with. Soup - my brain has trouble grasping the concept of swallowing food without having chewed first! I have to keep the soup in my mouth and keep trying. Breadcrumbs- flaky stuff makes me cough and this triggers sneezing (embarrassing when you have a mouth full of food). Consequently, these are foods I avoid consuming in public.

Hi I too am a survivor of 3 years now.

I had difficulty walking, writing, memory loss, balance and of course fatigue.

Your experience sounds so familiar.

Have tried smoothies, soups, eating smaller amounts and even using a teaspoon to eat smaller portions :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Still have difficulty swallowing as well as coughing.

I hope that with time we can all do better :hugs:

I consider myself lucky to have passed the ‘swallow test’ whilst in hospital having had to endure only a few days of gloopy drinks and pureed food before moving on to solids.
Stroke affects us in such a variety of ways, these days nothing seems insurmountable. I congratulate you on the efforts you have made over time.
I had encountered others with this problem and it is good to hear that it is possible to refuse to be defeated, there is hope it would seem.
I imagine it is no small task to confront such problems.
Spacer, a thread like this will be a valuable resource to others treading this arduous path.

I have a strange habit I retain liquid in my mouth and my wife shouts at me to swallow it any ideas why