I have had problems swallowing, following my stroke in 1993.  Mostly, I can eat and drink normally now, though had to learn again for ages.  However, on occasions when I drink (never eating), I cough and have to catch my breath.  Am alright, but it usually unnerves my dinner companion for a minute or two, as it sounds scarey.  Thankfully, it happens more often than not when I am alone!  Please tell me that I'm not alone re this..............?  Thanks.

No two strokes are the same. And there are so many stange side effects. Might you have acid reflux, which many of us get. If your Doctor diagnoses thiis, then Ranitidine tablets will help you  through.

Best wishes


Phew!  Thanks so much Colin.  Merely 'suffered in silence' for years!  Much appreciated :)

Thanks heaps Colin :)

Colin, I promised you that I would contact you over Xmas!  Never break my promises!  Hope you and the family have a lovely time, and a brilliant 2020.

Have got a stinking cold, so it's just as well I'm on my own haha!  Peace Carole xsmiley

And a happy christmas to you too. Not a good time to have a cold.

We have invited two elderly who we thought might be alone, but both of them in fact have family to share with, so its just elder son, Rose and me.

The year 2020 seems a milestone . I always thought that this date might not arrive for me, but here it is just days away. Will we both get better fitness by 2021 ? Lets hope so. 

Lots of love from us three to you Carole


Thanks Colin

All the best to you 3 as well!  At least I am in quarantine haha! I am delighted that we have both made it to 2020, like others!  Very nice of you to invite elderly ladies.  Am sure they would have appreciated that but, great that it wasn't necessary after all............ All good wishes.  Peace Carole xsurprise



This does of course mean I will drink far too much booze. Had an elderly been coming I owuld have zero alcohol so that I could drive them to and fro.

I had looked forward to lighting a log fire but it is far too warm for that. It is a clear blue sky after the sunrise had sparked trees in to a golden yellow pretty picture.

So its prosecco cream cheese lemon and brown bread at noon. I prepare that. A whole bottle of fizz between three will make the day pass. I know booze doesnt work well with current medication etc but just this one day, blow it. And I will smoke a cigar.

Sooty sends his love as do I and Rosemary.

Nice one haha!  Have a lovely, relaxing day guys!  Not too much booze LOL!!!!  devil

Oh dear. I have had a wonderful lunch and now I suffer the consequences. Why do I drink so much when I know I will suffer ??? Prosecco (wife doesnt like champagne) then  half decent Chablis and finally a glass of cognac. I deserve to suffer.

I have thought about you today and hope you are not too lonely.

Sooty enjoyed some time in the sun outside, now he is back and snuggled alongside me on a settee. He is a bit confused as he mistakes my son for me. 

He got a turkey pouch for his lunch. I love my cat so much.

Its now 2c but still feels warm.




Merry Xmas Colin.....I can be smug,, I was duty driver for the day so lunch was excellent but dry. I thought Valerie deserved a day with the family sharing a bottle of bubbly....so I was duty driver.


Well done Deigh

I guess its boxing day already

And I will not drive all tomorrow, until booze is out the system



Tut tut Colin haha!  Glad you enjoyed the day, and partook of a few nice beverages LOL!  At least you were safe, at home!  Not far to stagger.............

Thanks, had a lot of texts etc., so wasn't too bad in between TV and Netflix.  Cold is getting better daily, though I woke up coughing, and will try to get to sleep again soon.

Sooty is well spoiled and, why not?!  At Xmas time especially!

Been nice and warm INDOORS too!  Enjoy the fun!  Peace Carole yes

So boxing day is here already. I did indeed booze but was not drunk. Since stroke I keep to just one glass of wine. Any more and yes, like yeserday, boy do I suffer. Maybe its the medication which probably tells me not to drink.

So now I will avoid booze and then when Lent arrives I drink zero alcohol. Then no doubt I will forget and have one too many easter glasses.

I worked for several years in a company that owned pubs and wine shops. So I learnt not to over indulge. I also have to accept I am such a small man that two pints of beer overfills my small frame.

I believe that north of the border you major on the new year rather than christmas. So hope your cold has gone by then. 2020 my oh my, this decade seems so far in the future. Is it really next week ??

Sooty spoilt ? Whatever gives that impression. Its his house and he kindly allows us staff to share it with him. He is still nocturnal and likes the night outside. I have built him a pretty fab shelter in the garage. Fitted carpet, cavity walls, insulation and cloth wallpaper. Plus a nice big pillow. But its cold in a garage. He came knocking on the door at 11pm and we let hime in for an hour. He didnt want to sleep in our room so he went out again. Now he has had breakfast and is on my bed. So I cant make the bed. Spoilt ? Whatever gives that impression ? I just love him to bits.


Hi Colin!

Boxing Day here already!  Good for you, got to be sensible re drink post stroke.  I am virtually zero alcohol all year these days!  Purely due to medication.  I am only five foot two inches, so am not wanting to be a drunk dwarf in charge of a walker haha!

Unbelievable that 2020 is so close = eek! When I was a child, this 21st century always seemed to be the space age.............

Sooty sounds to be really comfortable in his own home, and that's fab.  Too many animals (or people) never seem to have a roof over their head etc.  Cruel world.  Anyway, have a lovely festive period guys.  Cold is going, thankfully.  Peace Carole yes

Whilst only 9 weeks my dads swallowing is very poor. The fact you have improved like you have is amazing. Are there any little exercises you can do to help neck muscles and swallowing? 

Thank you v v much for saying that.  Bless your Dad and good luck to him.  I'm afraid I know of no exercises, but perhaps a speech therapist can help?  Also, if your Dad is able to turn his head from side to side, can strengthen neck muscles.  Best of luck, truly, and thanks for writing. x 

I've too had problems and now front teeth have moved.after visiting dentist in agony  I was given swallowing techniques to ease the pressure on my from teeth ..they gave it a name . Infantile swallowing ..I cough when I switch from food to liquid or vice versa .

Poor you and THANK YOU, for giving that advice.  

Yes, same here. Im 4 yrs post stroke, but often start coughing and choking. Embarassing when out and just at the moment you start struggling, someone always chips in "are you allright" and thats exactly the time when you can't respond !!! I have to consciously eat and drink slower but even then it still catches you at the worst moment. It can also occur without the food/drink and the normal swallowing action can just 'go down the wrong way'. I think it must be down to the weak neck/throat muscles on the bad side, so its always out of balance. Just another of the invisible challenges we all face everyday.