I had my strokes last July and have had problem with swallowing since, has anyone else had this, will it get better? Do all my exercises.

Hi Peter!

Swallowing problems can be quite common after a stroke. I hope some of our community can offer you some practical tips!

We do have an advice and information page about swallowing, which has some websites, advice and videos: https://mystrokeguide.com/advice-and-information/physical/swallowing

Hope you find these resources quite helpful?

Andrew smiley

Cheers Andrew ???

Cheers Andrew ???

I have swallowing problems 5 years post stroke. This is with drinks, tea , coffee and especially water, not solids. I was referred to a speech therapist for this, took some tests and now use Nutricia, Nutilis powder which thickens tea etc very quickly when stirred in. It is on prescription.


Hi Peter, I had no swallow after my stroke in August 2010; it improved a little within weeks; after months of drinking awful (!!!) thickened drinks and eating minced and mashed food, it became *completely* normal. I had a Gastroscopy last week where I had to swallow the camera tube: no problems at all. I can have problems eating nuts but had those pre-stroke.

I was stupid enough to try drinking water after my swallow started improving. Stupid in this case meaning I nearly drowned in bed and later developed double pneumonia that nearly killed me. So, be careful and work with the experts. 

So yes, it can get better - will it? I can't promise that because we are all different. I'm someone who did get better but I know people who did not. Persevere and I hope you do improve - do nothing and you won't.

Take care now,


Thanks Damien your email has given me hope, I have found on the internet sloe drinks which you can mix with wine, beer and cider. But the clear thick and easy isn't too bad with gin and tonic. I must admit I don't drink much myself now usually have an orange. I will let you now how I get on.

My Father-in-law had a stroke 10 days ago and he has lost his ability to speak and his ability to swallow.

I tried the link in the reply above, but it now shows up as an error. I expect the website has changed since the post in 2018.

As I am new to the site, could someone try and provide a new link to this advice and information?

Many thanks!

Hello Adajohns

This website changed recently and so you have picked up an old post. I replied to another post: Weak muscles in tongue, which you might be able to find using the search facility. However my reply to that post was as follows: Although I suffered a haemorrhagic stroke, there is cross over with other neurological conditions such as MS and Parkinson’s and they have websites and information which I often find useful. Parkinsons.org.uk have information on “Eating, Swallowing and Saliva control” if you can find it. You can download it as a pdf. Regular swallowing and mouth exercise are part of their approach. Hopefully your father in law is getting some therapy from a speech and language therapist. Best wishes