The world as you and I knew it is in a mess, but to come to think about it, this has been the same since man arrived on the earth! My wife Valerie got a bit upset about the Covid restrictions the other day but I pointed out to her that we two had survived early childhood when people were dropping bombs on us, not been hit by the bullets they fired, as adults survived three serious bank collapses, two world depressions, several nuclear threats, food shortages, three epidemics and even Trump’s efforts at goverment…so we can handle Covid.


Well said Deigh. Those of us who are now old came from a tougher world. Also, in our childhood, children died of many diseases for which we now have treatments. As for war, my late dad used to say that men had always waged war and always will. A bright sunny morning here so I have breakfasted and had a short walk.

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Dear Deigh. I agree that the world is in a mess. We managed,however to survive the Second World War with its bombs and numerous shortages of life’s essentials. We still fight on and refuse to give in, never losing a sense of humour and optimism. Keep on trying. Best wishes Lilian