Survey: The impact of stroke on hobbies and leisure

We’re gathering information so we can better understand the impact of stroke and raise awareness. This will allows us to understand how we can help people rebuild their lives after stroke.

We’d like to know more about the physical and mental impacts of stroke. We’re particularly interested to know if your stroke has impacted your ability to take part in leisure activities, hobbies or socialising.

If you’re able to, we would appreciate your time in filling out a short survey. The information will be used (anonymously) as part of PR and Media activity by the charity.

You can fill in the survey by clicking this link.

It will close on 30 October.


My life is completely changed. I have had to leave behind my interests, pursuits, attachments. In addition I am having to re-design myself in order to have some sort of meaningful life and keep a sane head on my shoulders. It means I’m having to learn to live within the constraints that my stroke has imposed on me. I’m finding a new way of living my life.

my new motto is . . .

. . . keep on keepin’ on


It’s a great motto :grinning:

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It is sxxt I add a good job good live tell me strokes I keep laughing and good things or I would cry

Keep laughing

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