Nana is 5 1/2 weeks post stroke and hip replacement she has physio 1 x a day down from 4x daily in hospital.She is stuggling to weight bear on her left leg alone which is the leg of the stroke and hip replacement, she isnt getting any other physio at all, the OT comes once a week, we dont if she gets a stroke follow up from the hospital or a follow up from the orthopaedics for her hip replacement, we dont knkw if she has been reffered to the stroke association or if she has a social worker… any advice please

@JR1934 when I was discharged from hospital my discharge letter said what the next steps were e.g. 6 week follow up, referred to opthalmology etc. Does your Nana have the equivalent on her discharge letter?
If not phone the relevant secretaries & ask them about follow ups etc. You should get follow ups for stroke & hip replacement I would think. Her GP should also be able to help with what happens next.
Regarding the Stroke Association I had a follow up with them at 6 months but didn’t know I had been referred until I heard from them. I know they offer this in some areas but not available in all areas I believe. You could ring their helpline & ask if its available where you are.
Best of luck.

If a stroke community team is in u area ask u GP to refer her to them with kind regards des