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We meet on zoom on Thursday from 1pm UK time on

There are many support groups run by stroke warriors & charities. A few hundred(!) of which are affiliated to the stroke association & are listed below…

Or - to find the ones in the UK with a stroke association link look through the hundreds of below or use the find on a map Click the blue text

First some organisations

Perhaps people will add others & this might be more controversial but also highlight any good experiences.

I use a few in the first of these 3 list - like StrokeInformation, Different Strokes FB page & others but there are more than i can count available!

URL of Web Site Name of org & Service Comments Status World Stroke Org ok List of indivdual, Scientific & Regional Stroke Org’s in other countries ok Stroke Alliance For Europe ok Nicki Clark’s Stroke Information and Support Centre ? Same You -Brain injury charity w/ partners like Different Stroke ok The Stroke Association - Holds chronic care contracts from NHS in England & Wales ok Brain Injury Assoc - LOADS of stuff ok Headway Useful Orgs List of Lists eg Carers, leal, Holidays , Families & kids, loads more
Website- Useful_Links_ FaceBook_Community Different Strokes facebook Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland _Holds chronic care contracts from NHS in Scotland A Stroke of Luck Action on Stroke Stroke Support Group Stroke Recovery UK Stroke Recovery Centre Stroke Care Services Steps 2 Stroke Recovery Moving Forward After Stroke Life After Stroke Help After Stroke Enable Ireland Stroke Support Services Different Strokes

Stroke Assoc Online Groups

Stroke Assoc face to face groups - view all groups on a map

4Ward Strokes Leicester Contact: Julie Monk
Abergele Stroke Club Contact: Janet Budgen
Aberystwyth & District Stroke Club Contact: Sylvia Jenkins
Active Stroke Survivors Group Contact: Jill Burke
Active Strokes North East Contact: Ross Mackenzie
Amber Valley Stroke Group Contact: Terry Shiels
Amersham Stroke Support Group Contact: Sarah Ives
Andover Stroke Survivors and Friends Group Contact: Annie Burton
Aphasia Life Rotherham Stroke Group Contact: Sue Pye
Aphasia Singing Group Earlsdon Contact: John Wilkin
Ashington Stroke Group Contact: Barbara Pearson
B.A.S.H -Support for Talk(Bracknell Aphasia Self Help) Contact: Judy George
BAME Stroke Support Online Group
Banbridge Stroke Support Group Community Space
Bangor Ards & North Down Support Group Green Road Community Centre30 Breezemount Road
Basingstoke Area Stroke Support Group Contact: Jo Vockins
Bath & Keynsham Stroke Peer Support Group Contact: Phillipa Gordon
Bath Aphasia Choir Contact: Liz Jeggo
Belper Stroke Club Contact: Nick Blurton
Berkhamsted Tring Stroke Support Group Contact: Ian Hines
Berwick Stroke Club Contact: Joy Lamb
Bexhill arts and craft stroke support group Contact: Carol Boydell
Bexhill exercise and wellbeing stroke support group Contact: Carol Boydell
Bexhill Sing Out For Stroke Support Contact: Carol Boydell
Bexhill Stroke Support Group For you Contact: Carol Boydell
Bishops Stortford ‘Be Yourself’ Group Contact: Samantha Barrett
Blackmore Stroke Club Contact: Christine Davies
Blackwood Stroke Support Group Contact: Wendy Williams
Blyth Stroke Support Club Contact: Jim Wyness
Bolton Aphasia Self Help Group (BASH) Contact: Sean Crosby
Bolton West Stroke Group Contact: Steve Leng
Bowburn and District Stroke Support Group Contact: Elaine Grundy
Bracknell Tuesday Stroke Club Contact: Patsy Hawkins
Bradford Speakability Stroke Group Contact: Debra Fish
Brentwood Stroke Club Contact: Wendy Waite
Brewins Stroke Group (Northampton) Contact: Laura Martin Valerie Hutchings
Bridgwater Stroke Club (The Heather Club) Contact: Y Snook
Bridport Stroke Club Contact: David Lawrence
Brighton Stroke Survivors Whatsapp group Contact: Marie White
Buckingham and District Stroke Support Group Contact: William Hall
Burton & District Stroke Club Contact: Colin Williams
Burton upon Trent Speakability Group Contact: Sylvia Kingsbury
Butterflies After Stroke Club Contact: Brenda Smith
Calderdale Stroke Support Group Contact: Renny Taylor
Cam Stroke Group Contact: Helen Elliott-Boult
Camborne Stroke Club Contact: Sami Slater
Cambridge Stroke Group Shelford Rugby Club
Cardiff Stroke Social Group Contact: Alan Lane
Carmarthen Stroke Club Contact: John Hollies
Casnewydd Stroke Support Group Contact: Kathleen Chorley-Betts
Central Beds Stroke Survivors Zoom Contact: Joan Hanks
Chandlers Ford Stroke Support Group Contact: Pauline Marocco
Chard & Crewkerne After Stroke Group Contact: Christine Williams
Charnwood Stroke Club (Loughborough) Contact: Simon Watts
Chatterboxes - Buckley Communication Group Contact: Kate Finch
Cheerful Friday Club (Newmarket) Contact: Kathie Butcher
Chepstow Stroke Cafe Contact: Stephen Emery
Cheshire West Stroke Support Group Contact: Mike Finn
Chester & District Stroke Club Contact: Jacqueline Atkinson
Chesterfield Stroke Group Contact: Linda Salt
Chichester Stroke Club Contact: Val Swain
Chiswick stroke club Contact: Carol Powers
Church Stretton & District Stroke Group Contact: Jane Richmond
Clackmannanshire Stroke Support Group Contact: Jolene Lornie
Clevedon Speakability Group Contact: Verity Aldous
Coalfields Life After Stroke Group Contact: Julie Foster
Coalville Stroke Club Contact: Ena Illidge
Coastal Stroke Support and Carers Group (Hunstanton) Contact: Chris Bryant
Colchester Stroke Group Contact: Darragh Donnelly
County Durham Stroke Club Contact: Mrs Doreen Bryce
Crowthorne Stroke & Disabled Club 2000 Contact: Claire Lewis
Croxley Green Stroke Scheme Contact: Gill Thomson
Croydon Communication Stroke Group Contact: Clare D’cantere
Cuckfield Stroke Communication Group Contact: Carolyn Dodd
Cwmbran Stroke Support Group Contact: Peter Smith
Deal & District Strokes Contact: Dorthe Bucknell
Deeside Stroke Group Contact: Eric Sinclair
Derby Stroke Club Contact: Steve Adams
Dereham Stroke Support Group Contact: Debra Cozens
Different Strokes for Different Folks Contact: David Martin
Diss Stroke Support Group Contact: Peter Ellis
Dorset Speakability Group Contact: Patricia Scott
Douglas Drive Group Contact: Rose Griffin
Dover Stroke Club Contact: Peter Groombridge
Downham Market Support Group Contact: Janet Wescombe
Droitwich Stroke Club Contact: Chris Bowden
Dudley Stroke Association - Talkback Contact: Alison Whitehouse
Dudley Stroke Association - Talkback Zoom Contact: Alison Whitehouse
Dudley Stroke Association - The Dell Exercise and Zoom Group Contact: Alison Whitehouse
Dudley Stroke Association - Thursday Family & Carers group Contact: Alison Whitehouse
Dudley Stroke Association - Thursday Lunch Club Contact: Alison Whitehouse
Dudley Stroke Association - Thursday Zoom Exercise class with Mervyn Contact: Alison Whitehouse
Dunmow & District Stroke Support Group Contact: Philip Milne
Dyscover Ltd - specialist aphasia support Kingston Contact: Rosemary Townsend
Dyscover Ltd - specialist aphasia support Leatherhead Contact: Rosemary Townsend
Earley & Woodley Stroke Club Contact: Keith Hutchings
Earlsdon Stroke Support Group Contact: John Wilkin
East Lancs Carers Group Contact: Susan Schofield
Epping Forest Communications Support Group Contact: Penny Daltrey
Falmouth Stroke Cafe Contact: Allyson James
Falmouth Stroke Club Contact: Allyson James
Fermanagh Stroke Support Group Contact: Stephen Mc
Forum Stroke Club (Wilton) Contact: Robert Salt
Four Deans Stroke Club Contact: James Lynch
Foyle Stroke Support Group 02890 508020
Friends of Hove Stroke Club Contact: Daail Goodson
Frodsham & District Stroke Club Frodsham Community Association
Frome Stroke Support Group Trinity Church Hall
Fun 4 Strokes Contact: Susan Schofield
Gloucester and Cheltenham Stroke Cafe Contact: Tracey Grant-Smith
Grampian Stroke Club Contact: David Jones
Grantham Stroke Club Contact: Chloe Parker
Great Yarmouth Stroke Group Contact: Susan Casey
Greenwich Stroke Club Contact: Bruce Edgar
Grimsby Stroke Club Contact: Christine Jayasinha
Grove Stroke Group Contact: Lesley Baker
Halton Lets Go Stroke Club Contact: Teresa Cook
Haslemere Stroke Club Contact: Sarah Fairbairn
Haverhill Stroke Support Group Contact: Kathie Butcher
Hayle Stroke Club Contact: John & Margaret Nash
Heart of Birmingham Stroke Support Group Contact: Leona Bramble
Henfield Stroke Support Friendship Group Contact: Graham Powell
Hertford Speakability Group Contact: Vicky Clough
Hitchin Stroke Group Contact: Patricia Hutton
Holmer Green Stroke Club Contact: Mary Coker
Hull Active Stroke Group Contact: Derek Jennings
Hull Talk The Stroke Group Contact: Jo Chapman
Ilkley Stroke Club Contact: Joan Lawrence
Integrated Neurological Services (Richmond & Houslow) Contact: Sarah Vines
Isle of Wight Stroke Cafe Contact: Lyn Bonner
JIGSAW - Bolton Stroke Group Contact: Linda Fell

part one of two


part two of two
Links to Stroke Assoc face to face groups

Kendal Speakability Group Contact: Janet Rockliffe
Kettering & District Volunteer-led Stroke Group Contact: Sandra Parker
Kings Lynn & District Stroke Group Kings Centre
Kirklees Hope After Stroke Contact: Yvonne Handley
Knutsford & District Stroke Club Contact: John Mills
Kyffin Stroke Cafe Group, Bangor Contact: David Smith
Lee Valley Aphasia Club Contact: Vicky Clough
Lewisham Horniman Stroke Group Contact: Clive Baulch
Lewisham Stroke Group Contact: Barry Coppock
Life After Stroke (Ammanford) Ammanford Pensioners’ Hall
Lincoln & District Stroke Club Contact: Shirley Johnson
Links Stroke Cafe and Zoom Group Contact: Lee Outten
Lisburn Stroke Support Group Lagan View Enterprise Centre
Llangefni Stroke Support Cafe Group Contact: David Smith
London Peer Support Online Group Contact: Barry Coppock
Longton Stroke Support Group Contact: Janet Cornwell
Lowestoft Stroke Support Group Contact: Kate Oubridge
Maidenhead & District Stroke Club Contact: Neil Symons
Maldon & Dengie Stroke Support and Carers’ Group Contact: Sharon Hutchinson
Mardy Park Stroke Group Contact: Jennifer Edmunds
Medway and Strood A2 Stroke Group Contact: Pauline Green
Merseyside Life After Stroke Group - Support Contact: Ian Collins
Mid Ulster Stroke Support Group Contact: Mary Convery
Milford Stroke Group Contact: Sue Hewson
Mole Valley Stroke Club Contact: Jacqui Hiscocks
Mon and Arfon Stroke Club Contact: Thelma Niblett
Morecambe Bay Stroke & Communication Group Contact: Julie Glaister
Nailsea Stroke Survivors Club Contact: Lorraine Rowsell
Neath Port Talbot Stroke Group Contact: Emma Day
New Inn Support Group Contact: Cheryl Harvey
New Steps Life After Stroke Club Contact: Arthur Millington
Newbury Speakability Group Contact: Judy King
Newham Together We Can Stroke Group Contact: Glynis Webb
Next Steps Stroke Club Contact: Wendy Wade
North and West Belfast Stroke Support Group Girdwood Community Hub10 Girdwood Avenue
North Birmingham Stroke Support Group Contact: Tracey Clarke
North Devon Life After Stroke Contact: Alex Don
North East Worcestershire Stroke Support Group Contact: Dennis Hill
North Harrow Stroke Group Contact: Gordon Lane
North Lincolnshire Stroke Groups Contact: Trish Dawson
North Lincs Stroke Group Contact: Trish Dawson
Northfield Stroke Club Contact: Donna Belk
Norwich Area Stroke Survivors’ Club Contact: David Orr
Nottingham Stroke Club Contact: Rosemary Blanchard
NW Community Stroke Choir Contact: Joyce Booth
Orchard Women After Stroke Group This group is open to female stroke survivors in the Southern Trust area.
Ossett Stroke Club Contact: Patricia Sutton
Outwood Stroke Club (Wakefield) Contact: Chris Welch
Oxford Aphasia Group North Oxford Association
Paned a Sgwrs Contact: Colin Evans
Parklands Stroke Support Club Contact: Anne Bartle
Pennine Stroke Support Group Contact: Gail Charlton
Peterborough Stroke Group Contact: Terence Perks
Petersfield Stroke Support Group Contact: Maureen Gilbert
Phoenix Stroke Club (Horsham) Contact: Mandy Janes
Phoenix Stroke Club - Marlow Contact: Sheila Stephens
Porthcawl Stroke Club Contact: Keith Duggan
Pos+Ability Contact: Sarah Bellow
Positive Action for Stroke Contact: Sheila Tagholm
Positive Strokes Middlesbrough Contact: Peter Taylor
Post Stroke Working Folk Contact: Wendy Fleckney
Reading Stroke Support Group Contact: Martin Harbor
Redditch Stroke Support Group Contact: Ann Hill
Renfrewshire Stroke & Carers Welcome Cafe Contact: Maureen Hunter
Rhyl Stroke Cafe Contact: Denice Bulloch
Romsey Opengate Stroke Club Contact: Jill Edwards
Roundhay Stroke Support Club Contact: Jon Hart
Royston Speak Out Stroke Club Contact: Christine Asker
Rutland Stroke Club Contact: Sarah Cox
Saffron Walden Stroke Club Contact: Denise Howell
Salford Stroke Club Contact: Vivienne Barlow
Sandhurst Stroke & Disabled Club Contact: Pam Owles
Sarah’s Stroke & Communication Support Group Contact: Joanie Scott
Say Aphasia Charity - Abergavenny Contact: Colin Lyall
Say Aphasia Charity - Aphasia Ladies Contact: Colin Lyall
Say Aphasia Charity - Cardiff Contact: Colin Lyall
Say Aphasia Charity - Chichester Contact: Colin Lyall
Say Aphasia Charity - Crawley Contact: Colin Lyall
Say Aphasia Charity - Darlington St Thomas Parish Centre249 North Road
Say Aphasia Charity - Eastbourne Contact: Colin Lyall
Say Aphasia Charity - Exeter Community Centre
Say Aphasia Charity - Goring-By-Sea Contact: Colin Lyall
Say Aphasia Charity - Hove Contact: Colin Lyall
Say Aphasia Charity - Selsea Contact: Colin Lyall
Say Aphasia Charity - Skipton Contact: Colin Lyall
Say Aphasia Charity - Woodingdean In Brighton Contact: Colin Lyall
Second Chance Stroke Group Contact: Peter Marsh
Sheffield Stroke Peer Support Group The Benjamin Huntsman12-18 Cambridge Street
Sheffield Stroke Survivors Contact: Anthony Rowbotham
Sheffield Touch Of Colour Stroke Group Contact: Carole Clarke
Sheringham Stroke Support Group Contact: Chris Sharp
Shipston Stroke Support Friendship Group Contact: William King
Sidcup Speakability Group Contact: Paul Meaton
Singing & Sound Navenby Contact: Diane Watson
Solihull Stroke Club Contact: Pamela Ward
Solihull Stroke Survivors Contact: Marian Disbery
South & East Belfast Stroke Support Group Cregagh Youth & Community Centre
South Down Stroke Support Group South Eastern Regional College
South Islington Stroke Club Contact: Jane Pickering
Spalding Stroke Group Contact: Pat Birchall
Speakability Tayside Contact: Gaby Beattie
Speakeasy Bury Contact: Jo Black
Spondon & District Stroke Club Contact: Rita Allcock
St Albans & Harpenden Stroke Club Contact: Pam King
St Austell Stroke Friendship group Contact: Suzanne Weeks
St George’s Hotel Stroke Cafe Contact: Michaela Jones
St Ives (Cambridgeshire) Stroke Group Contact: Nigel Poulter
Stafford & District Stroke Club Contact: Geoff Brookes
Star Stroke Group Contact: Michele Latham
Stockport Stroke Support Group Contact: Jean Johnston
Stone & District Stroke Club Contact: Chris Handley
Stowmarket Support Group Contact: Bryan Hilton
Stratford-upon-Avon Stroke Support Group Contact: Patricia Mc
Strike A Chord Cymru Contact: Robert Younger
Stroke Café Scotland Carers Online
Stroke Café Scotland Generic Contact: Maureen Hunter
Stroke Café Scotland Younger People Contact: Maureen Hunter
Stroke Care For Newbury & West Berkshire Contact: Fiona Forrest
Stroke North Contact: David Burgess
Stroke Of Friendship Contact: Barry West
Stroke Support West Midlands Contact: Jonnah Jones
Stroke Survivors & Carers Friendship Group Contact: Janet Watson
Stroke Survivors Group at Cafe West Contact: Anne-Marie Wing
Stroke Survivors LN9 Contact: Tony Cranwell
Stroke Survivors Speech and Language Group Contact: Liz Bedson
Stroke Working Age Group Suffolk (SWAGS) Contact: Marie Dawson
Strokes R Us (Stoke) Contact: Sandra Wain
Stubbington Stroke Group Contact: Myra Mitchell
Success After Stroke Club Contact: Sarahjane Lewis
Sutton Coldfield Stroke Club Contact: Angela Lavender
Sutton Stroke Social Group Contact: Steve Mottram
Swale Stroke Group (Sheerness and Sittingbourne) Contact: Stewart Kitching
Swindon Stroke Support Group Contact: Gerald Stephenson
Swindon Stroke Survivors Group Contact: Trudy Sighe
TALK - Support for People with Aphasia following stroke (Ashford) Contact: Sharon Spurdle
TALK - Support for People with Aphasia following stroke (Guildford) Contact: Sharon Spurdle
TALK - Support for People with Aphasia following stroke (Knaphill) Contact: Sharon Spurdle
TALK - Support for People with Aphasia following stroke (Walton) Contact: Sharon Spurdle
Tameside Survivors of Stroke Group Contact: Anthony Jacklin
Tamworth Speakability Group Contact: Stephen King
Taunton Stroke Club Contact: Julia Hammett
Teesside Stroke Club Contact: Ted Docherty
Tendring Specialist Stroke Services Contact: Indi Allen
Thanet stroke support group New Life Family Church8 Church Street
The Chiltern Stroke Club Contact: Adele Grass
The Onward Club Contact: Kerry Adey
The Walton On Thames Stroke Group Contact: John Steele
Thornhill Stroke Support Group Contact: Midge Pitter
Thurrock Art Group Contact: Roger Howes
Thurrock Stroke Project Contact: Graham Tidman
Tilehurst Caring for Stroke Contact: Julie Connell
Time & Talents Stroke Club Contact: Erika Bewers
Tiptree Stroke Club Contact: David Mallett
Totteridge Stroke Support Group Contact: Alison Rimmer
Totton Stroke Support Group Contact: Steven Parker
Tuesday Stroke Group (Cannock) Contact: Pat Stanley
Tynedale Stroke Club Contact: Eileen Vale
Vale Stroke Support Group Contact: Michael Hall
Valley’s Life After Stroke Club Contact: Lesley Watkins
Valleys Stroke Friends United Contact: Jeffrey Symonds
Wakefield Speakability Group White Horse Inn49 West Lane
Wallingford Stroke Club Contact: Norman Goodall
Warminster & District Stroke Club Warminster Civic Centre
Warrington Life After Stroke Group Contact: Derek Britch
Warrington Moving on Stroke Group Contact: Ruth Harrison
West Kent Brush strokes Contact: Jill Woodard
West Kent Stroke Choir Contact: Jill Woodard
West Kent Stroke Group Contact: Jill Woodard
West Norfolk Health & Wellbeing Stroke Group- Art Contact: Janet Wescombe
West Norfolk Health and Wellbeing Stroke Group - Tai Chi Contact: Laura Mott
West Somerset Stroke Club Contact: Elizabeth Saunders Singer
Western Active Stroke Group (Weston Super Mare) Contact: Steve Curry
Weston Speakability Group Contact: Janet Strang
Whitstable Stroke Club Contact: Pat Pittock
Wimbledon Stroke Club Contact: Wimbledon Guild
Winchester Stroke Club Contact: Jenny Davidson
Wirral Get Up & Go Stroke Club Contact: Peter Forbes
Witney Stroke Club Contact: Jenny Key
Woking Strokeability Contact: Ben Anthony
Wokingham Stroke Support & Recovery Group Contact: Ulla
Wolseley ‘Moving on’ Stroke Club Contact: Vic Cavell
Worcester Long Term Stroke Support Group Contact: Annette Shaw
Working Age Stroke Group Chesterfield Contact: Maria Keay
Worthing & District Stroke Club (KESTRO) Contact: Steve Webber
Wrexham & District Stroke Club Contact: Gwyndaf Owen
Yeovil Stroke Club Contact: Jennifer Wright
York Speakability Stroke Group Contact: Sue Lally
Young Men’s Peer Support Group Contact: David Jones

Hi Simon

Thank you for these. My head can’t cope read too well today.

What I am after is support with stroke reactions I have, but this needs to be done by qualified people.

Most of the support is by volunteers who wish to help.

Y’r welcome - there were a lot more than i shared in the zog call! :smile:
The links will be there when you are ready and you can come back to them :smile:
These are the ‘gate-keepers’ to peer support from fellow SS who are likely to have advice & contacts for people in anyone’s local area

i’ve found other SS are much more useful than ‘qualified people’ for honing in on what is available, what the options are & what I really need & which qualified people have more competency than the ‘read the book’ brigade

i’ve heard a lot of people say there isnt any support because its not so easy to find so i’ve started the consolidation of resources

@a.clare71 what “reactions” are you looking to have a qualified person help with? you might find links like the headway one that has a directory of services across many categories useful?

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@Mahoney @EmeraldEyes I think one of you two ladies alerted me to the fact that some links in the above were no longer working - probably the organisations closed down or moved pages/ website etc - I’m sorry but I can’t remember who told me and a search of the forum didn’t find the post - It was probably a DM

With @CommunityAdmin removing the restriction on uses below TL4 from editing posts over a month old It’s allowed me to change them to be wikis which means (almost) anybody will now be able to update the links and add new ones.

Clement there maybe a relevant tool like there is for WordPress sites that will crawl a post to check for broken links at GitHub - graydenshand/discourse_link_checker: A program to find broken links in Discourse. It seems to have slightly wider scope being site wide rather than post specific maybe it could be adapted and a report run?

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Hi Simon, I messaged you a couple of weeks ago with a list of the ones I’d found. I’d come to the same conclusion, with the organisation restructuring their website some will be closed/moved. If you want I can remove them later and carry on from where I left off earlier for any more if it saves you the job, I’d keep a list of the ones I removed and could send you the list when done.

Thank you that’s a generous offer .

So it’s in my messages somewhere :slight_smile:
at least I know where to look now.

I think anything that you want to do to improve the number of working links is fine by me. I would edit the post rather than generate lists that’s then sent somebody else to execute with the loss of contextual knowledge of what has been discovered.

If Clement @CommunityAdmin can’t/ wont/ isn’t resources to adapt & run the script that tests the links to give us a report of the whole lot then I’ll scrape the whole post into an editor wrap an HTML page around it and see what doesn’t resolve - that way be a lot quicker than testing each one individually .

What will also be useful is adding new links.

I had a exchange with ¿bunshinegirl? Who’s from Australia. there are a number of people from the USA.
I think the trend for online support forums is transnational. It’s not geographic it’s language based and affliction-based which I think is an impending strategic challenge for all nationally-based organisations like stroke association different strokes etc
I wonder if we ought to be forming a user group because we’re more interested more knowledgeable more motivated to get things that reflect our needs .

So I think the support groups listing should be allowed to grow like topsy from the contributions of people here but I think we ought to have a strategic eye to where that evolution goes with some benign structuring at some point.

I’m open to a chat via whatever channel with whoever likewise has interest

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Yep, it should be under RE: Support Groups for Anne & anybody else 1of2.
With hindsight maybe I should have called it something else or shortened it so as not to confuse :roll_eyes: :sweat_smile:

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