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My dad had a stroke 2 months ago. He’s doing ok and will hopefully be discharged from hospital in a couple of weeks. He is mobile but struggles with memory and reading. He will be at home with my mum and I’m conscious of what a big change that will be for her. I think she could benefit from having someone to talk to outside of the family, to work through how she is feeling about this huge change in her life and her new role.
Can anyone recommend support that might be suitable? Many thanks.



There are support groups specifically for carers. You’ll meet up online or at a local meeting point. It is one way of getting information, a chance to share experiences with someone in the same situation and so on.
They are local to a given area and each functions to suit its members.
I can’t give you specifics but a search of your area with the keywords stroke carer will probably give you results. The Stroke Association might also help with your search. Another direction to look might be Age UK.

There are also Stroke support groups which both your mum and dad would be welcome to attend. Again you would need to find what is available locally.

This forum is open to all so I recommend not publishing your personal details here.

Support can make a huge difference to your life, I hope you are able to find something suitable without too much trouble.


The Stroke Association has a service called Here for You that puts carers in touch with a designated person who is also a carer for a 1/2 hour call once a week for 8 weeks
The information can be found here


Hi @Poppy1 and welcome to the forum.
You or your mum can phone the Stroke Association Helpline 0303 3033 100 for any practical or emotional help. They can also arrange a weekly one to one chat

Hope these links will help you. I know it’s going to be hard to begin with, but the hospital won’t send him home without a care package in place. But as you say, your mum will need some support too to cope with these changes and seeing her husband this way can be heart breaking. I know it’s a slow climb to recover but it will continue get better over the next few months so don’t let get disheartened. It’s always 2 steps forwards and 1 back.

Take a look around on the forum for useful tips and check out this post as it has some useful tips and advice and also links to other useful posts on the forum.

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Hi Poppy and welcome to our forum. A useful website to take a look at is :

Stroke 4 Carers. It offers lots of useful information and advice.

Hope you find this useful.

Regards Sue


Thank you all for your suggestions. Much appreciated.

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Hi Poppy, I realise this was posted a few months ago but I am interested to see how things are going. I have been caring for my dad for three months after four months in the hospital. He is hoping to go home to my mum in a few weeks and she is also worried about how she will manage. It is a big change!


Hi @Chloehi

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You’re right it is a big change. There are relevant posts on here about adjusting

if you use the magnifying glass to search you may be able to find ones useful