Summer Heat

Hi all, but a question especially for those in U.K., during this unusual heat … and if you had any brain bleeds
it is very hot and sweaty, and I never did like to much heat, so this current heat is getting to me…does it affect any of you at all … I have always sweated in my scalp, but just lately I feel as if I have prickly heat on my head… not tingly, just a little bit of something similar …and since the TIAs and brain bleeds couple month ago, I am panicking a bit. Yes, I know I shouldn’t worry too much but I do … just can’t seem to get it out of my head and always wondering when/if it will happen again … since the pandemic first started we have not been in shops etc because we really did not need to get covid with his extra health problems. Not that I mind as I hate shopping … but this heat is just making things worse and I half expect to have another “episode” of something or other. Even meditating and keeping calm, I still get thoughts of strokes etc invading the peace :woman_shrugging:t3:

@Ismeval, I think it is only, potentially, risky if one experiences heatstroke. I’m not endeared towards this weather at all but, thankfully, we are due for some rain and a temperature drop on Monday. Not sure about the rest of the UK. I tend to do a small degree of gardening in the late evening to get a vitamin D hit, and then spend most of my time, pottering about indoors. My symptoms seem to be worse in hot weather, I suspect the glare contributes to that. I have never understood those that celebrate, what to me, is an indication of climate change.

Ismeval. I don’t think it likely. We all worry about another stroke, but heatstroke is not the same as a stroke caused by a brain clot or a bleed. Drink plenty of water, stay in the shade and, if possible, have an electric fan on. Take care.

Yes not happy with heat, As you were only stroked a few months the fear of another is quite normal and and folks often posts their anxieties here. Remember in a Sroke association publication reading some folks have sensation of trickling water in head and I did when I returned from my three week hospital holiday but it was only for day or two. But if it’s more than this have it checked out. Let us know, keep in touch here

I feel the same. For the first time in my life,I’m avoiding the sun…in Scotland!!
I felt the heat was making my head feel worse. And like you I’m really scared of having another bleed. Never thought I would be saying I’m looking forward to some rain!
Take care,

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@Ismeval I find the heat makes my head feel worse too. I limit the time I spend in the sun & tend to try & enjoy some of it in the evenings. In the early days after a stroke its normal to be anxious about having another stroke. Try not to worry. Keep yourself hydrated & try to keep cool.
Best wishes

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Thanks for reply … gardening is deffo out for both of us now as we have limited mobility and both have back probs, plus me with hip and arthritis elsewhere …but let’s be positive here …we are ok for now and could be worse … need my 2 small borders weeding though …how come flowers mostly dead in this heat but weeds thrive :woman_shrugging:t3:
Val …

Thank you … i would love some snow right now ha ha …I never do well in too much heat, just not used to it in U.K. x
Val x

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Some weeds have evolved to grow better when the temperature rises, they generally have a thicker dermis and grow at a slower pace, although you wouldn’t think it when they pop up all over the place. I tend to have weeds that I like and don’t consider weeds, like thistles, nettles, ribwort et cetera. The only wide spread plant I think of as weeds are docks, bindweed, and creeping buttercup :grinning: Hopefully, tomorrow, there will be a temperature drop and we can all cool down!

Sorry you are sufferingso badly with the heat Ismeval. I hope we can soon get back to more managable temperatures to help allievate the fears of further bleeds.

Has anybody else had the opposite reaction to heat post stroke? I was always seriously bothered by heat…needed a fan blastin in my face after the temperature goes above 12 degrees but this year I haven’t been bothered by the heat at all…not even when it was 40degrees. I know i can’t feel heat if I touch it, but I honestly think my entire system just isn’t ‘feeling’ it. Silver lining.