Suicidal Thoughts

Hi Everyone, It is very nice to have found this resource. My 64 year old mother suffered a stroke 3 and a half months ago. She suffers from moderate expressive aphasia. She became depressed around a a month and a half post stroke. She went on anti-depressants and sleeping pills. Last week she attempted to kill herself by ingesting all her medication. Luckily after a 24 hour emergency room trip she has survived with no long term physical impairment. She was moved to a psychiatric ward. My family is very worried that she does not want to live and will attempt suicide again. We feel incredibly helpless. Any advice or similar stories would be greatly appreciated. I wish all who are suffering from a stroke peace and happiness.




Hi K

I am so sorry to hear about your mother, and what has recently happened, I am pleased to hear she has survived with no further implications. 

Stroke often happens suddenly without any warning, but with life-changing effects and understandably this can be difficult to come to terms with. Your mother is not alone – many stroke survivors struggle to adjust to the changes that stroke brings, but help and support is available.

You could consider showing your mother the following leaflet - You're not alone  which talks about the emotional impact of a stroke and the isolation this can lead to - 

Has your mother had contact with a speech and language therapist since leaving hospital to support her with the communication issues she is struggling with? Suffering with expressive aphasia can lead someone to feel very depressed and isolated if they are not receiving the correct support, so if she hasn't yet, asking her GP for a referral to a therapist would be of advantage to her.

Also K, around the country there are stroke groups, which your mother could visit, and you could go along with her for further support. Some of them have communication classes with other stroke survivors, which would hugely support your mother. You can follow this link to see if there is one in her area -

Finally K, you can call the Stroke Helpline for further support for yourself and your family on 0303 3033 100 or email

I hope this is helpful, please do continue to seek support for you all as a family, it must be a very worrying time for you all.

Take care,




Thank you so much. 

Hi I would just like to say maybe the anti depression tablets had a bad effect on your mum and she should be taken off of them. Probably the first thing I would try. For 2 weeks or a month. See how she is then. 

K. Carer.  Good to have you board. I am so very sorry to read your post. I do hope your Mum's doing OK. You sound a very caring family and that's what we all need most.  I had one dark thought in my 1st week, being immobilised and suffering painful bladdder trouble, (I AM 78) but with my Mega family rooting for me, it passed and I felt so 'wanted'.  It's hard learning how to cope again.  Just hope it will pass for Mum and she can appreciate each new day.