Hi my name mick am 69 retired roughly 31/2 years ago had 3 strokes and bleed on the brain, before that was married for 40 plus years to a beautiful lady who was a nurse we had 3 daughters all with partners and children 7 in total, we had good life holidays house we were due to retire, we went to India for holiday lovely time came back and everything's normal until we got news our eldest daughter was in hospital and had breast cancer so we decided to take her back home with us , she was an addict you name it she took it she had 2 children living with their dad, she had chemotherapy but no use cancer was spreading that was about may she passed august bank holiday, we both took leave to care for her we then decided to sell up and move which was September new house new area, our second daughter lived few miles away so not to bad Ed had house renovated to how she wanted it so far all well, one day she went to sit down but missed chair and landed on floor we took her to doctors in case it was stroke doctor sent her to hospital for test, me and my daughter went home next day back at hospital the doctors wanted to see us told us Ed had lung cancer and wanted to start treatment but it had limited use, Ed passed 28 dec I was in new home new area totally lost hated it would spend most days at my daughters down the road lasted a year when Boxing Day woke up and right side wouldn't function properly Docters then hospital strokes bleed on the brain about 6 weeks in hospital then went to my daughters as needed rehabilitation by stroke team sold house and stayed with daughter, year later came back to where we used to live as youngest daughter had new house and needed somebody to let workmen in, all ok just about managing myself then had my own flat not far until February when COVID-19 was starting came back to life with daughter as wasn't allowed out as classed as vulnerable also been found to have copd, what next so am slowly getting used to this nightmare of new life I don't want thanks for letting me put this out there mick.

Mick-We all need to unload and not be alone in our suffering.  And you have had a ton of heartache recently.  Well, you're not alone. We're here.  If there's a way for you to get to a place to be with other people-- church, grief group, senior center activities--others may give you some friendship and comfort.  And, importantly, you my be able to listen to someone else in need of a compassionate and understanding ear.  I will remember you in my prayers tonight, Mick.  In love and friendship, Jeannesmiley

Hi Mick, words are inadequate in the light of all that has happened to you.  You will receive support and friendship on this site, never be afraid to say exactly what you're thinking or feeling, there will always be someone who will respond.  You are clearly very strong, but everyone needs support and to know they're not alone.  Take care ?