Sudden vision loss

Hi, I’m Cat, about 5 years ago, I was standing at a bus stop. Sudden I thought there was a dangerous amount of traffic on the road. Then you saw 2 men in matching outfits. They were obviously twins, but a bit old to dress the same. Then an acquaintance said “Good evening”. There were 2 of her. I said 0, but walked home, using my elbow crutch. I rang 111 & said I’d double vision. I was asked when this started. 6:35pm ( I was awaiting the 6:40 bus). Asked if I’d had this before. No. Now? I’m seeing 2 of everything. I was told a nurse would call me within 3 hours. When I asked if I shouldn’t go to A & E, the call handler said I’d to wait for the nurse’s call. It was scary as I couldn’t see. Everything was double and as if falling down about to fall on top of me. After about 3 hours I rang back and a young man answered. He said the previous handler had put “Blurred vision “. NO. Double. He put me onto a nurse who said. “ Get a taxi and go to hospital now”.

At hospital staff obviously checked me for stroke. Nobody mentioned my vision. I spent the night on an extremely comfortable trolley. It was wheeled to different cubicles for tests. Around 2am I told a doctor with an Australian accent I’m here as I’ve double vision. She asked me to follow her finger. But I saw two fingers. My head aches & I was sick but managed to get off the trolley before vomiting in a sink. Nurses came in as I’d pressed a buzzer. 

Months later I submitted a comment form re my  initial call (as the blurred vision seemed to follow me). A kind officer phoned. He was the first person I could speak to about how I felt. I’m certain that I’d been registerable blind during  the first months. Then, in lurches, my vision improved. Almost exactly 6 months later, the doubling left. I’m still appear clumsy. There’s a missing bit of vision on the left. I’ve to ask shop assistants to put change in my purse ...

On the advice of the kind man who rang in response to my Comments form, I wrote to the 111. Someone phoned my. I’d twice said “ I’ve got double vision”. And once “ I’m seeing two of everything”, in my call. I hadn’t said “ blurred vision” at all.

i hope it helped other people.

After 6 months I was assessed for practical help for my vision, but by then I was defensive. I’d had to manage and was scared of losing independence. I was assessed as needing a long whitepoll with a ball on the end. I sharply declined and said I’d carry on with my elbow crutch which I need anyway. I asked for something to let ppl know I couldn’t see properly as I could get out of ppl’s way fast. I got a white, signifier stick. Now I wish I’d accepted for the white pole too as it’d let me walk faster in streets I don’t know well. 

Such is life. I didn’t know strokes could do this. I get very tired. Maybe this will help someone else.