Sudden re occurrence of fatigue

I've been feeling good lately although only 4 months from my ischiemic stroke. Although I've suddenly had a bought of tiredness. It comes on suddenly and I just have to go to bed otherwise it feels like I will fall asleep standing up. Anyone else experienced this?


Had my strokes Feb 2020 + over last summer. The fatigue was a struggle for a few months, but I felt I was managing it ok with the odd really bad day.

About a month ago it started to get bad again - nothing else has happened or any changes in my life - and that lasted for a couple of weeks. Its improved again since then but it still hits me every day late afternoon no matter how much or little I do.

I had my stroke in 2017 and still get fatigue every day. It  makes me feel quite bad I always think there is something else wrong with me. Some days are worse than others. I have been overdoing it the last 2 days and have been suffering quite a bit with it. Norma.

Hi Norma , it does get to you ! Percentage wise do you feel it has improved a bit each year ? Do you find you need to rest / sleep, during the day ? I have been taking meds to help night sleeping , approx 1.5 years,  stopped about 2 weeks ago , clearer head now ! Good speaking David. 

Thank you Norma, glad its not just me.

I certainly feel it if I over do it.
Have you come across this? -

I will give that a try  thank you for replying. Norma

I do feel it has improved about 50 percent  some days are worse than others though, Thanks for replying. Norma.

Nice to see you are a fellow dog owner. Some eves I feel its a real effort to walk mine. I have a job with better hours now but have been struggling lately with motivation. My job is helping rebuild my memory issues but the tiredness gets me down as I just want to do things in the garden etc.

Know what you mean about walking the dogs.

I went back to work on a phased return and reduced hours back in July. It certainly helps, but I have days when I really struggle still. Can't multi task, and easily get distracted, but I'm better than I was :)