Sudden hallucinations 1 year post stroke

Hi my mum has been doing really well after her stroke nearly a year ago but has suddenly started hallucinating, seeing people and object's nothing scary. We rushed mum to hospital and a CT scan showed no further stroke. We are now waiting further advice, what would cause this a year after stroke, Will it go away? Will it come and go? Any advice please?

Is it just old age ?

I had hallucinations immediately after stroke and i was told it was unusual but  not unique. I loved the hallucinations. My hospital ceiling had beautiful swirls and colours. People appeared and i had a guessing game, eg was it the tea lady with the doctors body ?

The essential was to accept what i was seeing and not panic nor fight it. 
my Mum in her late 80s had hallucinations which clearly worried her and she thought she had to keep the visions quiet. Once I talked it through, over a couple of months, her alarm and fear subsided. Her hallucinations seemed to be flashes of life in the 1920s. Very interesting. After all, as i said to her, who is right , her and the visions or me who couldnt see them ?

Wouldnt it be nice to see things, probably from our past, to pass the time of day. After all, we watch a lot of TV.

pleased mum is doing ok after a year. It will be even better in the second year.


Thank you for your reply, everyone's experience is different isn't it! My mum's not afraid of the hallucinations but I'm just hoping they fade away! Strange how she had suddenly got them after a year of not having them. Glad you are doing well ? 

It could be a condition known as Charles Bonnet Syndrome. I had it, but after a year it seems to have faded somewhat. I could see people and animals usually. I was not told of any cure by the hospital ophthalmology department, but just to go and see an optician. This was not possible as they were closed due to Covid.

I hope you have better luck than me. Kind regards, Rooster.



Thanks for that Rooster and Colin..I had similar halucinations last week about 7 months post stroke..fabulous brilliant rainbow the shape of a raindrop..then a client was standing next to me..I also had tactile halucinantions..but as you say Colin they are quite enjoyable..wasnt worried at all..I was back to normal next day. Its good to talk.