Struggling with change

So my dad is now in a rehabilitation unit for the next 6 weeks. I'm struggling with processing what's happened. I miss my dad so much I have been incredibly lucky that I had been able to visit him whilst in hospital every other day. Now he has been transferred he has to isolate for 14 days we are 2 days in. He fell out of bed this morning at 5am I phoned at 12pm to find this out. Apparently dad wasn't hurt no bruising or change in behaviour. I'm trusting these people are caring for my dad and that's what they are doing. His mental health is a bug issue for me to he has been so positive through out his life changing stroke I would hate for this to set him back. I'm finding it really hard to hold back the tears almost all the time at the moment. 3 young children and a very supportive husband does help but I just want my dad :( xxx

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Sorry to read about your dad's stroke. you should get a copy of a book called had a stroke? What now? by Tom Balchiin. It'll help understand what's happened and what to expect.


sorry to hear about your dads stroke. But if I go by the care I received whilst In hospital then you have nothing to worry about on that front. It’s hard now not being able to see him. I had mine 10 weeks ago and Iv got a 1 years old daughter and not being able to see her whilst I’m hosp was tough but on the other hand it kept me positive on thinking I will get out ok and see her. Stay positive and im sure your dad will be ok ?. Lee

Chickenlass, Firstly, dad going to rehab is a good sign. They will now get him standing, sitting and walking. Then they will give him a home visit to see what adjustments need to be made for him to go home safely. Hopefully, he will then get support from a Community Stroke Team. His lifelong resilience will also help see him through.

In the early stages falls are likely. I was told I fell out of my hospital bed once in the first four days, but I have no memory of it. So take heart. Things will get better.

Thank you. I'm trying to stay positive it's just hard at times I really do appreciate your reply and advice. I hope your keeping well and continuing to improve x