Struggling a bit 🥴

Hi all shep48 here hope you are all ok not quite sure where I’m supposed to post this still getting use to the group
Thank you for all your comments last time I think I was looking for a reason for all this but was a great help reading through your comments for advice too,so thanks.
I’m into week 6 into recovering from my stroke, finding it a bit harder now as I’m doing a bit more than I expected to be doing but I’m so tired :sleeping: I get up have breakfast then within a hour or so I want to sleep again ,I could sleep for England at the moment is this normal ? I’m also feeling a bit dizzy light headed and a littlefed up at the moment too . I get my results on the the 16th of June seems ages to have to wait am I rushing to get back to been me before this i don’t know it’s hard to describe sorry to go on x

Hi shep you in the early days of recovery we all want to go at a faster pace but the Brian has had a shock it needs rest hydration have to go at a slower pace remember tortoises get there in the end feeling tired is normal remeber the Brian is learning to rewire the damage the stroke has done come back to this forum you get plenty of tips and support here and if you want to have a good old rant this is the place to share as we are all in the same boat here all the best in your recovery

Thank you never to sure where to post thanks for your reply

Awww thank you this is really nice,haven’t set goals yet but will think about it its properly as im thinking ahead about going back to work as i run my own ironing service have done for 10 year’s this year so just got lots to think about as well as recovering too and trying not too push my self to much then up having more time off thank s for your reply kind regards

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@Shep48 as others have said you’re in very early stage of your recovery yet. Everything you describe is normal. I had / still have all of that. The fatigue can be overwhelming. As others have said pace yourself & even if you don’t think you need to always have a rest. After I shower in a morning I sit quietly for half hour then I do a bit more then rest again and so on. If I try & do more I end up being able to do nothing (as I found out yesterday & I’m 6 mths post stroke(.
Hope the results you’re waiting for are good.
Best wishes

Shep48–Your tiredness is very normal. I still feel a bit muddled and light headed now --after almost four years, if I overdo and am tired. Your brain needs a lot of time to heal. Remember, it’s not like a cut on the arm that we can expose to the sun for healing. :slightly_smiling_face: Since you are in the very early stages of recovery, being tired and needing to sleep is what you brain is asking for, so it can do more healing during this time. Drink lots of water, get lots of rest and sleep, eat plenty of nutritious fruits and vegatables and laugh as much as you can. (Read jokes, watch funny comedies on the tube) Laughing promotes healing. :heart:Jeanne

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Shep, this is perfectly normal. Post stroke fatigue is little understood. Mine hit on my first day home. Firstly, you sleep for hours then the time gradually decreases. I suspect the brain after stroke finds constant stimulus exhausting. Six years on I still nap for an hour each day at noon. Paradoxically, if I am on a day out and have to stay awake I can, I still get a foggy brain but it passes after the hour I would normally had a nap.

Hi I’m not sure I’m writing in the right place, but I am Liz it’s been 5years since my last stroke.
I was left with right side weakness and my recovery is still ongoing. Although I don’t have physio anymore because they only give you 12wks on release from hospital once a week!
My advice to you would be to ask your physio to show you and someone who cares for you exercises that you exercises that your cater and you can do together.
It is a long and slow road to recovery and every day brings a new challenge even today’
But I’m still here after numerous TIA’s ,
2 pulmonary embolisms, 1st stroke took partial sight on my left, 2nd stroke took my whole right side.
I have Antiphosfalipid Syndrome which they used to call sticky blood
I have had a plasma transfer treatment,
And now have to inject 2x daily.
I have a real problem with my weight, while I was in hospital and not moving much I gained a lot of weight. Now I’m slow in movements because of the stroke I can’t walk far because of the pain in my legs and feet because of the stroke all comes back to the stroke.
I get so angry and upset with myself.
My daughter is my saviour she got me out and about. She took me to a swimming pool where I could walk or be hoisted in but now life gets in the way and I’m lucky if I go shopping once a week.
Not making things better what I mean to say is there will be down times but don’t shut your partner/carer out involve in all aspects so they can at least try to understand.

Aww thanks for your reply
Best wishes

Hi Liz-- Welcome to the forum. Sounds like you have really had a rough time of it. The people here understand, as most of the folks have experienced some kind of trauma due to stroke. They have good and helpful ideas. You have some contacts here. Everyone is really nice and helpful. And we have fun too. Try some of our forum games and joke posts. You will be in my prayers tonight. :slightly_smiling_face: :heart:Jeanne

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Hi Shep and Liz. Good to have you aboard❤️

Thanks really much appreciated