Strokecast: Stronger After Stroke

Recently, I have been listening to Bill Monroe's Strokecast, I enjoy the programme because Bill hits the right balance between science and recovery. He also has a great enthusiasm for neurology. I want to share one episode because I think it is just so motivational and innovative. It's an interview with Peter G Levine, a physiotherapist who wrote the book, Stronger After Stroke. He actually mentions some unique exercises I have been practising unbeknown to his theories, over the past few months, I have been imagining every night before I go to sleep, being able to see clearly and walk easily. Apparently, doing this fires up, albeit mildly the neurotransmitters responsible for those processes, it helps aid the physical practise. Anyway, there's bucket loads of other interesting particulars which I have found enlightening. 

I would like to share it with everyone who enjoys listening to podcasts.

Thank you for the link, it looks like a good site.


Hello Ann, hope you find stuff on Strokecast useful, Bill is very good at picking interviews with the latest in stroke recovery management and science, but also has a good quantity of other material. I have recently contacted him to see if he could do an episode on the cerebellum and proprioception. He thought it a good idea, so hopefully, I'll get a future podcast dedicated to my kind of stroke.