Stroke v Covid cautious

Hello all.
I was speaking with a therapist recently about anxiety and that I am very COVID cautious. As we discussed I linked it (correctly or incorrectly) to my stroke.
I explained that my stroke came out of the blue, there was nothing I could do to stop it or control it and was made to feel very mortal.
My belief is contrary to what the politicians tell us we don’t know fully what this COVID virus is doing to us and so again cannot be in control with it.
I may be putting 2+2 together and getting 5 but think the not being in control ( I am not a control freak honest) when I had the stroke and cannot control COVID outcomes causes my increase in anxiety.
Not sure if this is a mindless ramble but have any of you on here become more risk adverse, cautious since your stroke.


I think initially @Al59 i was more risk averse but i think that has eased over time. Mind you having said that I am still careful. It has also made me determined to live life as best I can whilst i can as you never know whats around the corner.

I wasn’t sure (& am probably still not sure) whether covid vaccines played a part in my stroke or not. I don’t think too much about covid when out and about now as i just want to get back to “normal” and I hope the meds i now take have reduced my stroke risk too.

Try and live your life as best you can and not worry too much.



Good evening.

Just to share…

During Covid times, I was fully aware and did what others should have been doing, but weren’t at times! And when things eased, I went with it and did too. I think I almost forgot that we’d gone back to the new normal but it was a breeze!

I’m 49 - if it matters - but have a level head. To answer your question, I’m aware of risk but am the same way I was pre-TIA. Not overly cautious at all. Aware, but that’s it.


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Hi , I am 54 and I believe that covid caused my stroke I got it twice due to being a carer plus was forced to have vaccine or no work hmm
I can’t be sure but I was very well and fit before ate well exercise ect
Who knows but no more vaccines for me that’s for sure !! But it’s individual choice
I don’t think the government will ever acknowledge the side effects as then liability’s come into force !!