Stroke Thu Cafes (Reminder etc)

Hi folks

A reminder that there is a cafe on Thursday afternoons from 1:00 UK time via Zoom that all are welcome to join. I see this as a community space and anybody who wants to use the link to run their own sessions is welcome to do so it is

No pressure to turn a camera on or even speak :slight_smile:

We attract a few people who are not on the forum so you can make a new contacts.

There is an email reminder that I send weekly too - to join the emailing list Just send an empty email to

Because numbers sometimes are a little larger We also set up some breakout rooms that you are free to wander between (There is no centralised authority putting people in breakouts) so can talk in smaller numbers or particular topics.

I particularly encourage aphasia sufferers who want to practise to come along (I think this work to be done to make the attendance critical mass but let’s try :slight_smile:

Would be good to see you some of our new joiners too :slight_smile:

The minimum requirement from a technical ability is a smartphone - then click the link above and then reply “view in browser” and no to download and yes to enable microphone and camera. Say yes to enable even if you don’t turn them on in the call because it will make life simpler for you. Say yes to download if you want slightly more facilities at a slightly more complicated setup but not much if you have a teenager in reach then everything will be simple :slight_smile:


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