Stroke team

It could be my last session with the stroke team tomorrow they say due to my fatguie they is nothing more they can do but I call them if needed. So we see what they see on Thursday  feels like I am being left to cope on my own all well on we go

I got 6 weeks with the team, and just referred to physio via them which I’m still waiting for. Other than that my stoke nurse stays with me for a year where you can give them a ring if needed and the ring you  every few months to check in. But I think like most people after the stroke it’s go at it alone sort of thing. I had 18 months of intense therapy when I snapped my shin. Hope you feel ok about it and on the plus side this group does wonders. 

This site it is Indeed it is just came as a shock there was no for warning that might be it just call they said so will see what they say to morrow

Hello Des, I am on my own too. I only get support from my family now. I find this forum helpful. I wonder if things would have been different before Covid? We have just got to be optimistic. Regards Lilian 

My community stroke team referred me back to my rehab hospital for more physio once a week. They kept me on for a year because I was making progress. That support ended because of their waiting list. I then went to a strength and balance class at our local Life After Stroke centre once a week and stayed for a year. I felt I needed to move on and joined a local over 60s exercise class and go three times a week. I have been with this class for three years. At first I could barely keep up but have made massive progress here. We can exercise sitting or standing and can hold the back of the chair for balance. All the exercises are geared to and for the over 60s.

just had my PIP assessment, they don’t half go through every fine detail. I had to say in the end that I was a fit and healthy 41 year old who still played football, to now not even being able to cut my small front lawn without not being able to walk for 2 days after. Anyway hope I did enough to get it

Thanks think they think there is nothing more they can do but she is coming today for a chat

I know just sent off my pip doubly I will get it


Yes ! I know feeling ! Was yours at home ? Mine was , not good at travelling.  Just got this week , 2 year assessment form to fill in , have stated not really improved,  as is case . Read somewhere they might not need to visit,  this would be good,  as anxiety of every minor thing is ridiculous,  logically I know should not need to worry as much as I do over minor things,  but still do . Good talking David. 

morning. It was via a video link, but just made me feel like I was lying about how I was. Well it’s done down somdingers crossed. Hopefully they won’t need to see you again as it does make you feel small, well it did for me anyway. But if your form says no improvement then maybe just a quick phone call would be ok.

Good luck! I hope you get it. laugh

Hope its good news. Lilian

Yes she thought that the exercises were too hard for me dueto fatguie but in fact they are too easy so a new programme as been done  she thought that incoukd not do more but. Can so it will carry on for a bit

Dear Des , I hope you find the best programme of exercises for you Lilian

Thanks ? the stroke team is carrying on misunderstanding 

The stroke team will carry on a misunderstanding though the programme was too hard but it was too easy